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Tatewaki Naitou is a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). He is a third year at Miyaji Academy High School, and the president of the school's Student Council. He greatly respects his school, and strictly promotes the school's interests in "global human resource development".


He has slicked-back black hair with two small bangs in front of his ears, and purple eyes. He wears the Miyaji Academy male uniform.


Much like his original counterpart, he cares only if something can contribute to the age of globalization.  Unlike his original counterpart, he did not give Aichi and his friends a hard time when establishing the club.  Though he had misgivings, he still allowed it as they followed the rules and regulations of the Academy.  He is just as devious in this series as much as he was in the original when he manipulated the match between the Student Council and the Vanguard Club's future to be an all-or-nothing match, and even used his status as a beginner to convince Aichi to help him throughout his match against Misaki.

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