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Takuto Tatsunagi's backyard

The "Tatsunagi Foundation" (たつなぎざいばつ Tatsunagi Zaibatsu) is a syndicate owned by the Tatsunagi family, and has a major influence in Asia to the point where they have the ability to hold national and continental tournaments.

The current head of the foundation is Takuto Tatsunagi. His father, Tatsunagi Sr., was the previous head. The head of the foundation is known as the "Concert Master", and is chosen by Ezel, rather than defaulting to the eldest son, as seen in Image 35 when Takuto was chosen over his older brother Nome Tatsunagi.

Each head of the foundation has their own followers, similar in concept to "rear-guards". It is implied that these followers are distant relatives of the main Tatsunagi line, whose memories become wiped and are given a new personality (potentially through mental possession from other units from Planet Cray, such as Ezel and the Tatsunagi head) with essential information in order to carry out the foundation's duty as overseers of Earth and Cray. This is how Team Ultra-Rare was formed.

In Image 35, it is mentioned that Takuto was the first head of the foundation to act in public rather than oversee, as the introduction of Kouji Ibuki and the Deletors worried him.


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