"Team Demise" (チームディマイズ Chīmu Dimaizu) is a team from the United Sanctuary branch that appears in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.


Team Demise first appeared in episode 29 of Cardfight!! Vanguard G, episode 225 of the entire series. Later on in the episode, they fight Team TRY3 and win 2-1. Shouma and Rin won their matches against Shion and Tokoha, while Sugiru Kariya lost to Chrono, and was kicked out of the team. After Kariya is kicked from the team, he had to restart his entire training progress.

Eventually, this team is disbanded after it is defeated by Team TRY3 in a special match of the United Sanctuary branch.

Each Member Team Demise is shown to be high-ranked. As the code of United Sanctuary suggests - "Weakness is a Sin"-, the stronger cardfighter can oppress the lower ranked. Examples:

  • Kariya kicked his subject when he bought the wrong drink for him without any fighting afterwards.
  • Rin is sitting over another cardfighter, using him as a chair, and other girls are massaging her.
  • Shouma claims that he could've stopped the fight between Yuya and Shion in episode 36.


  • Team Demise is similar to Team AL4:
    • Both features members that uses clans of a single nation except by one member.
    • Both have a very arrogant member that is expelled due to losing to one of the protagonists.
    • Both are led by a antagonist that firmly believes that power is superior to anything, and who also uses the Shadow Paladin clan.
    • Both have a member that is a friend of one of the main characters that became corrupted by their philosophy or through a supernatural power (although this is temporary for AL4, as Ren Suzugamori changes after his loss from Team Q4).
    • Both defeat the protagonist's team in their respective debuts.

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