Team Fukuhara Vanguard Club (G NEXT)

Team Fukuhara Original

Team Fukuhara (Original)

"Team Fukuhara High" (ふくはらこうこうヴァンガード Fukuhara Kōkō Vāngādo-bu) is a team featured in both the original and G version of the the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime series. This team is considered to be the best team in all of Fukuhara High School, and act as their school's representatives in most tournaments. However, during the G series, the school has lost its focus in Vanguard, and now the Vanguard players have resorted to making an after-school club, although its standing as an official school club is conditional, as there are only three members in the club, and the club must win the Under20 tournament to prove that Fukuhara's Vanguard teams can be as great as the once used to be during the time of the original series.





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