Trinity Dragon (SG)

"Team Trinity Dragon" is a team featured in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G series.



  • In Dimension 5 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime), it is revealed that their team name was created from an insult said to them by Kyou Yahagi. Kyou calls the trio "third-rate dregs". As they are children in the V Series, they don't understand what the word "dreg" means, and Kei comes to the conclusion that "third-rate dregs" might be short for "three dragons". Tsuneto likes the sound of that phrase, and wants to use it as a group nickname over the "Three Stooges" name Nagisa Daimonji gave them. Wanting to make the phrase sound cooler, Carl suggests using "trio" or "triple" instead of "three", with Kei finally suggesting the term "Trinity". The three immediately love the name, and perform their team pose.
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