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If you're looking for the trial deck, see Thailand Trial Deck 1: The Mask Collection.
If you're looking for the booster set, see Thailand Booster Set 1: The Mask Collection.

"The Mask Collection" (เดอะแมสค์คอลเลคชัน Dexa Mæs̄kh̒ Khxllekhchạn) is a clan from the nation of Star Gate, introduced in Thailand Trial Deck 1: The Mask Collection, and currently exclusive to the Thai format. It is based on "The Mask Singer", a reality television show of Thailand.


The Mask Collection

In a parallel universe, under the area of Star Gate, the vast and never-ending land of the gate of stars, there remains a planet with brave, proficient warriors who are fond of musics. Every song on this planet wields an unpredictable, great power. The songs that can alter everything, the songs that shall last as legends forever, they exist in a place where the melody of one's voice is everything, victory, fame, honor, power even; the one who performs the best singing earns them all. At such place, even the government, authority, cultures, and the economy are all created, taken cared of, and decided by the singing voice. The planet's name is Maskelamek.

The inhabitants on this planet lived in peace and had never lost to any wars for so long; it was because they had a strong leader as warrior, one who wields the weapon of a deity which can transform to suit the user's speciality. The warrior's name is Durian Mask. But since the end of the war, Durian Mask has disappeared to a place where no one knows with only his trusted weapon left behind. That has caused the lack of leadership which leads to quarrels.

In order to stop the heated fights on Maskelamek, the deities, Dragon Mask, and Turtle Mask have divided the planet into two continents by the people's lifestyle and the leaders' ways of governance. They have also granted a Durian Mask statue and the deity's weapon as a monument at the center of the planet to remind Mask people the peace when the legendary warrior was still present.

The northern continent is called Makal, lead by Sumo Mask and a team of tough warriors, Samurai Mask and Baozi Mask. The land is covered in white snow. The rivers, big and small, are so cold that they freeze into thick sheets of ice. Only a quarter of the land is suitable for living. The ones living in such place are very wise and skilled; they always sharpen their fighting abilities and wield an advanced technology, believing that one day the war will stir once more.

The southern continent is called Haya, lead by Jaguar Mask and a protective team of warriors, Black Crow Mask, Lion Mask, and Albino Monkey Mask. The land is filled with green and abundance, lots of forests and lives. The Mask people who live here love the easy, peaceful lifestyle in which everyone helps each other. They dislike wars, but when they must place their hands on weapons, they won't back down easily.

Even though the two continents have an extreme difference, they lived together in peace until Tantilar, the deity's weapon has been lost without a clue.

A fight breaks loose between the two continents. Both sides believe that the other has stolen the powerful weapon in hope of taking over their continent. Now, the land that was once peaceful has lit in flames. The alluring, beautiful voice of nature has turned into horrific screams. All Masks fight for their survival. Turtle Mask had long predicted the ignition of the war between these two continents.

The only hope remains for the Masks is Durian Mask, the lost great warrior himself who is strong enough to stop the war before the Maskelamek gets destroyed by its very own masked kind.


The clan's playstyle is based of off the show, with its keywords "Vote" and "Contest".

"Vote"-based deck generally have support in form of increasing grade in trigger zone or reducing vote, in order to ease fulfilling the condition.

"Contest" focuses on a risky but pressure-based style: The opponent either let their unit retire and the player gaining benefit, or counterattack by losing hand advantage.

After fulfilling the requirements, "Vote" or "Contest", the benefit the player gains varies. Generally in form of [Power] and [Critical] increase, draw or retire.



This clan is based off of the competitors in The Mask Singer show. They have their units being humans wearing a mask of their desired theme to conceal their true identities from the audience and surprise them later at the end of the show if they lose.


Name Type Description
Human Shared


Name Type Description
Crow Archetype Group of competitors who wear crow costumes.
Crow Mask Archetype Group of competitors who wear crow costumes.
Dragon Mask Archetype One of the competitors eliminated during Champ VS Champ round of the first season.
Durian Archetype The champion of the first season.
Durian Mask Archetype The champion of the first season.
Jaguar Mask Archetype The runner-up of the second season.
Sumo Mask Archetype The champion of the second season.
Turtle Mask Archetype The competitor eliminated during Champ VS Champ round of the second season.

Sets Containing The Mask Collection Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Thailand Booster Set 1: The Mask Collection 32

Decks and Starter Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Thailand Trial Deck 1: The Mask Collection 15
Thailand Trial Deck 2: The Mask Collection Neo Warriors Strengthen 16
Character Deck 4: Deck of Mysterious Fighter Masks 17

List of The Mask Collection Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Adventurer of Haya, Boar Mask Human
Albino Monkey Mask Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Assassination Machine, Steel Bear Mask Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Baozi Mask Human
Beautiful Maiden of Makal, Geisha Mask Human Trigger unit (Heal)
Black Elephant Mask Human Trigger unit (Critical)
Blooming White, Flowering Grass Mask Human Trigger unit (Heal)
Candle Mask Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Cherry Blossom Mask Human
Deity of Liberation, Angel Mask Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Dragon Mask Human Trigger unit (Critical)
Fighter Who Never Stops Practicing, Sumo Mask Human
Insect Mask Human Trigger unit (Heal)
Jungle Warrior, Lion Mask Human Trigger unit (Critical)
Moon Mask Human Trigger unit (Draw)
Noble Oyster Mask Human Trigger unit (Draw)
Peaceful Flowering Grass Mask Human Trigger unit (Heal)
Silent Candle Mask Human Trigger unit (Draw)
Soaring Insect Mask Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Skit-loving Cherry Blossom Mask Human Trigger unit (Critical)
Spider Mask Human Trigger unit (Draw)
Strict Bell Mask Human Trigger unit (Critical)
Striving Green Tea Worm Mask Human
Turtle Mask Human Trigger unit (Heal)

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Advisor of Makal, Geisha Mask Human
Albino Crow Mask Human Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Angel Mask Who Watches Over from the Heaven Human
Apple Mask SD Human
Assassin of Haya, Spider Mask Human
Bird Wholly in Red, Red Crow Mask Human
Black Elephant Mask with Great Authority Human
Boar Mask Human
Cherry Blossom Mask Who Loves Novelty Human
Cold Moon Mask Human
Diamond Crown Mask Human
Doll Mask with Multiple Personality Human
Enlightened Turtle Mask Human Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Freedom-loving Kangaroo Mask Human
Futuristic Drone Mask Human
Green Tea Worm Mask SD Human
Intelligent Apple Mask Human Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Leopard Mask Human
Pancake Mask Human Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Pirate Mask Human
Pony Mask Human
Samurai Mask Human
Steel Bear Mask SD Human
Wizard Mask Human

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Beautiful Diamond Crown Mask Human
Beloved Pony Mask Human
Black Crow Mask Human
Drone Mask Human
Famous Leader, Lion Mask Human
Flowering Grass Mask Human
Giant Mask Human
Hunter Mask Human
Jaguar Mask Human
Knight of Makal, Samurai Mask Human
Mischievous Warrior Albino Monkey Mask Human
Oracle of Maskelamek, Turtle Mask Human
Panda Mask Human
Pirate Mask SD Human
Powerful Insect Mask Human
Regulator of Makal, Bell Mask Human
Squirrel Mask Human
Street Performer of Haya, Kangaroo Mask Human
Victorious Fighter, Baozi Mask Human

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Apple Mask Human
Bee Mask Human
Durian Mask Human
Durian Mask "The Legend" Human
Green Tea Worm Mask Human
Heaven Message Recipient, Dragon Mask Human
Kangaroo Mask Human
King of Haya, Jaguar Mask Human
Leader of Rebellion Troop, Black Crow Mask Human
Little Duck Mask Human
Panda Mask SD Human
Port City Guardian, Oyster Mask Human
Reaper Mask Human
Red Crow Mask Human
Sumo Mask "The Fighter" Human

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Armor of Heavenly Deity, Jaguar Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Bee Mask SD Human G unit (G guardian)
Bomber of Makal, Baozi Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Durian Mask "The Fighter" Human
Furious Dragon Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Giant Mask SD Human G unit (Stride)
Knight of Haya, Black Crow Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Legendary Gunman, Durian Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Little Duck Mask "The Rocker" Human G unit (Stride)
Loris Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Queen of Makal, Sumo Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Steel Bear Mask Human G unit (Stride)
Sumo Mask Human G unit (Stride)
White Mage, Albino Crow Mask Human G unit (G guardian)


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