• Could you remind me what you suggested for my dungaree deck? ive completely forgotten. thx

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    • G0 (17): 1 Dan Dan, 12 Crit (4 Malevolent Djinn), 4 Heal

      G1 (14): 4 PG, 4 Agatha, 4 Mighty Bolt, 2 Thunder Arrow

      G2 (11): 4 Whirlwind Axe, 4 Chatura, 3 Thunder Spear

      G3 (8): 4 Dungaree, 4 Unlimited

      The deck is basically beatdown with some retire. Agatha becomes a 10k booster with a Soul Blast, forming a 21k column with all of your G2, Unlimited, and Dungaree (as long as Dan Dan's alive). Whirlwind and Thunder Spear also form 21k+ columns with Thunder Arrow, who acts as your backup Agatha. You don't consume much CB beyond Thunder Spear and the occasional Chatura. Dungaree can be used for his cheap retire, but you should never use Unlimited. Ever. He's simply not efficient. Your Strides will provide you all of the cheap retires you could want to trigger the boosters.

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