• It should be fine to link the "Maiden of" text to the Maiden page, no?

    On the Maiden of Waterpot page. What do you think?

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    • i guess so, though isnt it technically a different archtype?

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    • Well, it's done bc of the whole "meiden" and "otome" thing.

      I also say we should add in the trivias page that the JPN page states メイデン, while the ENG ver states "Maiden of" due to the confusion regarding メイデン and 乙女.

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    • Anyways, I think it's fine for now, since mechanically anything "maiden of" will work for all ENG cards as it should.

      And later if Nikon or someone else wants to make a whole new page for it... w/e lol

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    • Sorry for triple posting:

      Actually it just might make more sense to just rename the "Maiden" page to "Maiden of".

      Since there's actual no specific support for "Maiden" anyway, and Flower Pot is the only card to specifically have anything to do with "Maiden of".

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    • A FANDOM user
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