• So basically, I wanna see an interactive wiki game.  Why?  Boredom.

    It would be something done through message walls, because alerts are a thing and it's a way for me to talk to people I wouldn't otherwise.   My initial thought was something like CTF (Capture le Flag), where teams are established and each team has a "flag holder".  Effectively, said flag holder just has the word Flag: "insert team name here" written on their message wall.  To steal the flag, a member of the opposite team only needs to comment "steal" and then say they have the other team's flag on their own message wall.  Whichever team has the opposing team's flag at the end of some time period wins (if neither team has the opposing team's flag then its a tie or time could be extended).

    What's your part in this? youactuallyhavepowerhere.jpg

    Basically this is me making sure that flooding the wiki activity with trivial comments like "steal" won't be a problem.  

    Your humble wiki servant,

    Drew?... er.... Andrew?... er Andy? Meh

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