• So I have been looking up lately if there if there was anywhere to watch the kuroko's basketball extra game movie online, and I remembered you were a fan of that series - you wouldnt happen to know anywhere I can watch that online do you? I have not been able to find it anywhere (legitimate or otherwise), though plenty of obvious scam sites :(

    While im here, hows it going?

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    • Whoa hey! Things have been going alright for the most part lol... I changed my uni course to Computer Science, picked up digital art as a hobby, became a mod here and also got insanely hooked on Boku no Hero Academia. How are things going for you?

      As for Last Game, you'll have to wait until the dvd releases unfortunately which I'm guessing will be towards the end of the year

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    • Nice, see you are progressing. Im kinda crawling forward myself, plans have changed so now im taking courses for accounting part time while working part time as well. Slow, but fits me better than school full time honestly. Did spend quite a bit of time this spring going back and helping with my old high school's chess team, that was fun. Havent played chess in quite some time. Not sure how good I was at teaching, but they seemed to appreciate it.

      Also, totally on board the Hero Acadamia train too. Its great stuff, the funny thing is I picked it up as a time filler show last fall when I was watching 3 other animes I was way more hyped the time the season was over, I realized which was my favorite show of the group and it suprised me. I actually never finished those 3 other shows while being live with academia.

      And sad face. kinda expected that I may have to wait on that, just exploring all options. Unfortunately the only other person I know that likes KnB is my sister...who only read the manga and has no interest in the anime. Oh well.

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    • I'm working part time too actually (well technically I'm full time until August when Uni starts)

      I saw heroaca was popular last season but disregarded it as something I wouldn't like until a couple months ago when a friend recommended it and now it's my all time fave series lol... I haven't coloured it yet, but I actually finished the lineart for an Aizawa artwork yesterday lol:

      At least your sister likes anime/manga at all, I have 3 siblings and they all hate that kind of stuff :P

      I'll message you on steam after I finish work btw, I wanna talk to you about a couple other things

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    • ok, Ill pop it open. I dont work today, so I should be around to get the message, though depending on whether im at my comptuer i may not get it quickly.

      And yeah my sister is actually just a fan of anything japanese, she has even been there twice; once for an entire semester.

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    • Welp, have to go to bed now, work early in the morning. Should be off by 2pm ish CST. (thats 7pm GMT for reference).

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    • I think the only time we will both be on is in the mornings for me, which can only be fri-mon which is Thursday night to Sunday night for you lol

      I left you a message on steam anyway

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    • thats probably true xd. Though for what its worth, im basically nocturnal thurs-sat lol - my cousins dont usually get on to game until 11pm at the earliest, while I dont do that during the week, during weekends I shift my sleeping schedule xd.

      anyway, responded on steam - joined.

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