• No, not that FE

    Can't recall if you played it, might have been Blaz (the Xs confuse me lol).

    Basically, I wanted to pick up the series, but with how long it's been going, thought I'd drop the older ones, so I need one recommended one to start at.

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    • Okay so for reccomendations for the FE series I always have these 3

      Shadow Dragon, remake of the original, is for the DS.

      Awakening, the first of the 3DS games, one of the easier Fire Emblem games and has a casual mode as well.

      Sacred Stones, second Fire Emblem to be ported to the west, is for the GBA. Self-contained story and imo the the easiest game in the series.

      You could also do Blazing Blade or Binding Blade.

      Though if you strictly want to just play the new series, eh. Awakening is the best to go still. Fates isn't worth playing ever, and Echoes is good, but it's a remake of an older game that had a lot of different mechanics and such, so it's not really an entry point since it's a bit of an oddball.

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    • Unless you have like a WiiU or whatever and don't want to emulate - I'd say Awakening or one of the Fates.

      Writer is right about Shadows of Valentia being weird, and any other game is either unreleased in English or so horrendously hard to come buy that getting them legit is a pain. Shadow Dragon /looks/ like it has a lot of stock, but don't be fooled, it has a LOT of counterfeits in circulation.

      WiiU gives you virtual console so you can pick just about any available from that as well if you want to,

      Also, Fates has amazing gameplay, art, and music. Writer is a salty boi, but I reccommend it as it's my personal favorite in the franchise.

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    • So as far as continuity goes, are there direct sequels/prequels or are they simply all in the same world?

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    • Eh, imo it was boring gameplay wise, garbage story and rather unlikeable characters on the most part. That and it's a total cashgrab since you have to pay an additional 30$ just to unlock the full base game.

      Am I somewhat salty? Eh, I'd say yes, since I felt the game pushed the waifu thing to the limits of genuine gameplay. That and the garbage of Fire Emblem Warriors (seriously, the only non Marth/3DS game representation was Lyn!)

      EDIT: Buuuuut, I could see others I guess like it. Yet I cannot advice it since it's just not worth the price.

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    • What's the one where they don't allow you to pet you waifu?

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    • How do you recommend Shadow Dragon but not Fates? Like, really? Shadow Dragon was what almost killed the franchise for a reason! You want him to think FE fans like mediocre quality like that game?

      But yeah, SS is the only game in the series with a self-contained story, not interacting with any other (it’s very much an odd duck in that way). Though, with few exceptions, it’s all pretty much fully understandable without knowledge of other games in the series.

      I, too, recommend any GBA title to start with. Just note that the recent games have easier difficulties available while those do not. Awakening is a good one to start with, as well. I would only not recommend Fates or Valentia to start with as they are somewhat of a departure from the rest of the series. Feel free to play either as like, the second game or something. Just skip Shadow Dragon. You won’t have any fun. If Nintendo could actually make Ike’s games available to play, that would be nice.

      And yes, Warriors was heavy on the waifu pandering. It was super annoying. I still fail to see how Ike and Roy can represent FE in Smash and yet not be in a major FE crossover game.

      EDIT: Fates has the closeups of the characters that had petting taken out for the west.

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    • Might try out Fates just to see it for myself.

      Only problem I see is that they charge waifu taxes, even tho they took out the waifus lol

      Now, from what I see, Warriors is supposed to be a Musou game. I do love those, but guess it depends how much of it is Warriors and how much is FE.

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    • @Otakon

      Story wise most games are seperate from each other some of the games do connect to each other. Like Awakening is in the same setting as Shadow Dragon (though hundreds of years in the future)

      The waifu petting game is fates


      I don't think Shadow Dragon is very good, but it's an entry point game imo. On its own it's a bit eh, but as baby's first Fire Emblem? It's a good choice. Also god I wish I could play any of Ike's games. BUT THEY ARE SO RIDICILOUS IN PRICE

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    • I haven't played it, no... but I've seen some visuals of it... looked fairly good...

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    • Awakening is a good start.

      WHilst Fates is mostlly separate, it is seen as a spiritual successor to Awakening

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    • I mean, Fates has a handful of characters of Awakening in it, so eh.

      EDIT: Also, since Xoph may not like the spam here, we can move it to my message wall.

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    • I mean, I'm not complaining about it... so continue, lad... :-P

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    • I got the games when they came out. They’re good. Though, when I revisited PoR years later, the graphics were definitely dated, but nothing that can’t be adjusted to. Honestly, I’m sad I sold off RD because I had expected it to come to the VC soon enough. Nintendo is honestly begging people to pirate those games at this point. Ike is literally the most popular FE character. Full stop.

      Also, while on some level I agree that SD is a good entry point due to being a remake of the very first game, it’s still easily the worst English game by far. I’d rather he enjoy himself. That’s the game one plays when curious about Marth, I feel.

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    • I will agree it's the worst English game for sure, but honestly. It doesn't surprise me since I played the original Fire Emblem


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    • I guess I'll add my opinions:

      • Shadow Dragon is dull. Being a remake of the very first game shows.
      • Warriors isn't great. They spent too much time adding FE elements and not enough getting the core gameplay right.
      • If you're wanting to skip the older games, I would recommend starting with Fates Birthright, as it's easier than usual and has slightly more up-to-date gameplay than Awakening.
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    • Shadow Dragon is also one of the hardest. You need to know what you’re doing or follow a guide.

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    • I was planing to go this route:

      FE7: Blazing Blade,
      FE8: Sacred Stones,
      FE9: Path of Radiance,
      FE10: Radiant Dawn
      FE13: Awakening

      Then if I get to that point:

      Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
      Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
      Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation

      Luckily, a fair share of older games can be got on the Wii U eShop (hope it still works tho)

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    • Gonna need to go to emulators for 9 and 10 (they are not worth the prices on secondhand markets). It’s a good order. Just do keep in mind that 13 onward has easier difficulties available if you wish to dip your toes in that way (trust me, many did that).

      Also, Valentia is a good game. Harshest criticism I have is that the maps are often too big and the major postgame dungeon is a huge difficulty spike. It’s a remake of the black sheep of the series, but it’s fun and the characters are charming. Plus, it’s kind of neat that every line is voiced. It’s the only game in the series with that distinction. You are gonna see a good deal of parallels with SS.

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    • ~Looks up prices for Radience~


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    • Told you they need to pop those up on VC. Ike is super popular, those games didn’t sell well initially, and renwed interest have all caused those high prices. Kind of really weird Switch isn’t doing VC yet. Are they waiting for their new online service to be awesome or something? I mean, I know that online play for old NES games is available through that, but these aren’t related to those.

      Honestly, just emulate them. It’s even morally fine because you aren’t depriving Nintendo of profit, anyways. It isn’t like it’s on VC or being sold directly by them. A game designer at Nintendo is still going to afford her rent if you emulate them. You can also just skip them. It’s sad to, as honestly, I feel the stories in those games are the best in the series (though apparently Japan wasn’t a fan of all the racial tension from what I heard), but this is on Nintendo. They need a clue.

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    • There's always the option of watching Youtube vids.

      Not as enganging, but if the proper people pay it, can be fun.

      Speaking of Nintend'oh, they recently started nuking all websites that host SNES games (demaing 150k $ per game hosted, but that's a scare tactic), so either they want their classic consoles to sell, or they have a plan.

      Unlikely that they plan to please the fans (even though they proved they can please them with cardboard), but one can hope.

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    • NES Mini was the biggest selling console of June. Those systems are selling like crazy. It’s likely the biggest reason why Switch doesn’t have a VC yet.

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    • There's always a downside lol

      That reminds me. Sega I think planned of making a service for phones where you can play classic games (basically a fancy ofiicial emulator)

      Didn't do too well I hear, they complicated too many things.

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    • Not VC, but Switch's upcoming online pass includes access to a library of old games.

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    • Sounds promising.

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    • Otakon7 wrote:
      Sounds promising.

      It's all NES games.

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    • Sounded promising.

      But oh well, it's a step, a bit wonky, but a step.

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    • A FANDOM user
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