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    • Combined with what Writer and FKX said, then looking up this:

      Really useful guide, matches with Writer and FKX, I think I have an idea where to start.

      Really hoping Nintendo makes a Trilogy pack one day. E-Shop compilation works too.

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    • Don't know if I am qualified to recommend any games,since I am also a new fan of the franchise,but the first game I played all the way through(I did mess around with the GBA games before,but never fully completed them) was Shadows of Valentia.I know some older fans don't really like it since a lot of the mechanics are different,but I really loved it.The strategy elements combined with the exploration-dungeon crawl were great,the game is fully voice acted,and the mechanics really streamlined the gameplay in a good way(I admit some things were too simplified.I think they could have kept the weapon triangle to encourage you to build a more well-rounded team,for example).

      Since I loved shadows so much,I did buy birthright after finishing it,and the old mechanics felt very overcomplicated and clunky for me in comparison.The story and characters also felt very generic for me,I genuenly lost interest in that game after playing about half of it.

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    • Valentia is a remake of Gaiden I hear.

      Will need to make a list of remakes.

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    • @Ota

      The list of remakes are Shadow Dragon which is a remake of the first.

      Shadows of Valentia is a remake of the second

      New Mystery of the Emblem (Japan only) is a remake of the third.

      They're a lot more than remakes though with extended playable casts, new story beats, and a LOT of interesting game changes that makes each wildly different from what it was remaking in one way or another.

      Remake is a really dirty word in a lot of media, so idk if that might be a problem for you generally, but these are really quality remakes. Don't try the games they remade first for impressions because it'd be "purer", because you'll be disappointed, lol.

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    • Nah, I like remakes (Especially those that implement new mechanics to older games).

      I only dislike those that change too much of the original content. Luckily those are somwhat rare.

      Then again, some remakes are so different from the original they become a game for itself lol (Neptunia Re;1)

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