• Hi Xophix I´m Silver Bee and i´m from the Netherlands as well, Very nice to meet you :)

    Anyway´s i´m a big Cardfight Vanguard fan but i alway´s have problems with making decks

    and while i was checking out the Vanguard Wiki i saw that you have alot of knowledge especially in Pale Moon.

    If i may ask can you help me build a good Pale Moon deck with the new cards coming out ?

    Sorry for the long message of just asking for help XD  I wanted to send a PM but i´m not that knowledgable of this site enough to find it :/

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    • Hello Silver Bee... It's fine, (wo)man...

      Are you playing Standard or Premium?

      That alone makes quite a difference, but Golden Beast Tamer in Premium is likely not as great for the build as for example Nightmare Doll, Alice, that grants advantage on ride as well as a circle. Though, both have their purpose there. Crit builds most definitely is the best way to pressure your opponent, and the new crits grant you a better defensive engine while you set yourself up for a Dust finish. Pale Moon isn't the strongest build, but its good enough to work with a bit of Harri (and support) to get it going. (Nightmare Doll decks also seem to have gotten a boost out of the latest set, and I AM trying to see if I can make an interesting Nightmare Doll build).

      If playing Standard... The options for Pale Moon are currently very limited, but the latest promo (Dreaming King of Comedy) is definitely a must-find card to strengthen the deck. It barely needs any set-up to get that +5k Power after all. As for other Grade 2 units, you should mostly cycle through the numbers you want to use for Amarenth Beast Tamer, Jumping Jill, Magical Boxtreamer and Nitro Juggler/Peek-a-boo (also, mostly because they count as Workeroids for Nightmare Doll Alice, if forced to ride her), and see which number of Grade 2's works best for YOUR preferences. I personally run 9 Grade 3's, 12 Grade 2's, and 12 Grade 's, at the moment.

      Some cards I advice you to NOT invest in, because they either have better alternatives, or are just meh in general for the build: Grade 1 PGs, Fluster Cadet (too slow), Dark Metal Bicorn (not enough benefit from using it), Dancing Knifedancer  (very situational with its unflipping and not a lot benefits OTHER then unflipping makes it very limited), Lark Pigeon (has potential, but it's also too situational to rely on). < At the moment my deck concept, but you can change it to fit your own of course. I personally feel Pale Moon is currently dealing the most distinct decks in the meta of every clan thus far, simply because some people value certain options over others.

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    • Hi Xophix,

      Thank you for answering and especially in such detail. Ive never heard about Standard or Premium play so i´ll have to look into that.

      Sorry for the late reply i had to double/triple (Drive) check the cards and your list before posting and making a mistake.

      Ive noticed that you did not include Nitro Juggler how come ?

      And i assume you´re talking about the V version Peek-A-Boo ?

      If so i can see why it´s a good card but doubting wiht both Peek-A-Boo and Amaranth Beast Tamer to swap for Nitro Juggler.

      And even though the V version of Pale Moon is not high on counter blast would Comicality Chimera not be any good for it´s counter charge effect ?

      And lastly i don´t see a Stride/G4 in your list, With the V cards is Stride a thing of the past now ?

      Have a Very good day :)

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    • Standard is the format with only cards from V era

      Premium is the format that allows all cards.

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    • Hi CFDrewbert,

      I´d be a Premium then, It would be a waste not to use all cards and their handy effects :)

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    • Premium is currently the less popular of the two. Mostly because Gyze and the stupid combos that V cards allow for in Premium

      I have a bunch of old G decks that I’ve juzt accepted won’t get used

      However if you really want to, I’m not exactly sure how the gzone would look. This isn’t ecactly magia cookie cutter anymore

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    • A FANDOM user
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