• Every time I try and build altmile premium with Twin Sword in mind, I can’t help but think that blasters would be better and can never finish the deck. If our progenitor was actually good, I’d feel better. Right now I just feel like missing out on IG is really hurtful

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    • I'm urging to burst out my thoughts about this, but first, permission to speak, please OwO

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    • Against my better judgement, sure.

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    • Tbh I never really cared if Blasters were better than Altmile (especially during G-BT06 days) so I never had that issue. But yeah, not having a gift definitely puts us as a big disadvantage. What we do have though in my opinion are much better defensive and drawing plays than Blasters, so we are better at playing the long game.

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    • Defence? Sure. Draw advantage? Yes, but volatile? Conditional? Telegraphed? I haven't touched Altmile at all ever since the game got divided into 2 Formats but if my memory serves me, Altmile builds that focused on draw power were heavily hampered by Control decks. You're literally forced to ramp up your draw plays on your turn rather than whenever you like. Why not just take the rush approach? I've had way betr outcomes with those rather than the draw.

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    • That used to be the case tbh, but the game changed to the point where holding a bit back is the better play (under my testings at least). Bi found that the new triggers, PG draw included, along with 3 Alectos have given me a pretty stable and consistent longetivity against most matchups. Against control I don't care much since most of my RGs get retired by the end of turn, and against LJ I just try to spam resist as much as possible.

      On my end, this worked better than the rush approach.

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    • Have ya tried rushing with cards like say Diotus? I found it to be a highly powerful and solid support unit for the deck and I've always found success with its use. One of the key successes I had with it was against Messiahs and I managed to finish them off before either side could even perform their first Stride.

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    • I did try most if not all builds and variations. Stil ended up preferring the one with PG Draws and 3 Alectos.

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    • Wow, I actually forgot that I even said anything here lol

      KHII rocks >A<

      Anyways, yes, Blasters are better. No, I don't care if you still like Altmile better, like, I know Thavas is better, but I prefer Accel and I don't mind. But really, le Blasters have a stronger early push that doesn't easily die to trigger thanks to Force, and pretty much almost always have access to the Flogal engine, especially thanks to Twin Sword.

      Also, can we just call it an Alfred deck now? I mean, the deck is more Alfred than it is Blasters and there's already an actual proper archettpe of Blasters.

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    • If the main star is a Blaster, I’d call it a Blaster deck.

      @Fullmetal, trying to make Premium Altmile, does the deck still focus on being brave during your attack phase or is that done now thanks to Twin Sword?

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    • You mainly want Alectos to do all the Braving for you. Deity Altmile searchimg for him just makes things even easier.

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    • @Fullmetal Big agree. It's the only way to make your place consistently active without having to put yourself on the edge of a cliff with flaming spike below.

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    • Thavas isn’t better after the new support. You’d be wise to stop calling it as such.

      And this is my second time trying to post this message so here we go again. I’ve been trying a 3 Alectos build but haven’t gotten the list nailed down. Trying some of the G1s that gain grade +1 so we don’t run out of targets, which is a problem I’ve run into. Using twin sword, suleiman and and undecided G2 currently. I’ve also thought about going old altmile still with the rush 8k grade 2 that searches the 6k sb2 draw card, but we’ll see. Damascus is 100% necessary

      FMP gotta list you could enlighten me with?

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    • Oh, so my fav build is the better one now :D

      I was just pointing that I didn't really mind when Thavas was better, since I enjoy Accel better.

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    • @Drew if you don't mind me asking,how is Accel better after the new support?The main problems the accel build had was the lack of good restanders for Alex(and even if you want to focus on Valeos instead,you need restanders for that as well) and lack of good drawpower without using cards like Saberflow which aren't good offensively(I guess that if you build your deck around Valeos and use a bunch of cards like Coral Assault that cycle themselves you could get enough drawpower...maybe)

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    • My current list is:

      Grade 0s 20: 1 Millius, 3 Alectos, 4 Pure Eagle, 4 Epona V, 4 Iseult V, 3 Elaine V, 1 Remedy Angel

      Grade 1s 10: 4 Felax, 4 Damascus, 2 Sicilus/Allen/Soniccgal

      Grade 2s 13: 4 Suleiman, 3 Albion, 2 Septgal, 2 Redon, 1 Knight of Twin Sword, 1 Knight of Cast

      Grade 3s 7: 4 Deity Altmile, 2 Decree Altmile, 1 Pictus

      G Zone: 4 Twin Sword 4 Luminous Hope, 1 Immortal Fides, 1 Blazing Fides, 2 Halbwachs, 2 Igraine, 1 Maskkgal, 1 Defendhold

      Comments on my build: You could drop an Iseult for a 9th crit and add a Hope Keeper on the G1 lineup for consistent searching. I didn't feel the need to do it quite frankly, but I'm not fond of Sicilus anw so I might add her later down the line. For Grade 2s, 4 Suleiman and 3 Albion are essentially a must. Albion would be a 4 of with 0 Twin Sword had it not been for Altmile and Septgal eating up a soul, but we got our Grade 0s that can soul charge back for that. You can mess a bit with Septgal's, Cast's and Redon's numbers as well.

      Now, about your running out of G2s issue, that's where Immortal Fides and Halbwachs come into play. They pretty much filter out the rest of your deck since non of them is restricted to G2 calls.

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    • Not that I'm saying not to Altmile, but now that you mentioned it, I wanna add that the advantage of Alfred is that the main multi-attack comes from Flogal, which you recycle by her own effect and use many other cards to take out to field, unlike Altmile's multi-attack engine which relies on superior calling units from deck a lot of times and having to take a slow turn to recycle resources (as in the units).

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    • I see you adopted my Pictus tech :)

      I’m not sure I feel comfortable with only 1 Fides. I’d have to at least run 2

      And yea I guess Albion would be better than twin. Thoughts on old school altmile play (the non gb restricted Angel). Soul was my only concern.

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    • Old school works too. I was planning on using that build but Albion only calling Brave stuff made me favor this one. Both should work equally well though I think.

      And yeaaaah, couldn't resist not using that Pictus. I never needed more than 1 Immortal Fides, but yeah, he'd definitely be more needed than a 4th Twin Sword.

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    • Sighs*

      “Work equally well” reminds me that neither is “works better than blasters”

      Just give us IG altmile already bushi

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    • Call me crazy, but I feel like there’s an argument to be had for the US Progenitor. Maybe use his skill, or maybe don’t, but we have like a guaranteed way to go into it @Pictus. We could just run the 4 Altmile and 1 Pictus to free up space. Luard does it just fine, and we have a fantastic searcher @starter.

      Think I’m gonna go

      4 Deity Alt, 1 Pic

      4 Suleiman, 4 Albion (extenders are too important to keep at lower numbers imo. If we damage check one then we are already in a worse situation. Need as many in deck), and then 5-6 undecided G2s

      4 Felax, 4 Damascus, 4 undecided G1

      8 crit, 4 draw pg, 4 heal, 2-3 Brave enabler, 1 good starter

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    • I could get behind first striding our Progenitor, it's not like I use Blazing Fides anw.

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    • Yea I mean in theory it makes sense. Free up as much space as possible.

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