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    I'm not even THAT far into fighting games in terms of skill and time investment. I even came upon this whole Evo event on the final day with the final Smash round and all... But thanks to a friend of mine, I've learned that this Evo may very well be one of the hypest Evo events known to toastkind...

    - E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison coming to Street Fighter 5. 

    - New character revealed in Granblu Fantasy Vs

    - New Tekken 7 season(?) with a new character, LEEEEERRROOOYYYY Smith.

    - New Samurai Showdown season with new characters and mechanics

    - New Soul Calibur season with new characters and mechanics 

    - Samsho character crossing into Soul Calibur

    - New BLazblu Crosstag Battle characters from SK, RWBY, and Akatsuki Blitztank, and MORE.

    - Janemba and Gogeta coming to Dragonball FighterZ

    - NEW Uniel game 

    - NEW Guilty Gear 2020


    Of course not all of these things showed up on evo all at once (I think it was a bit more spread out) but ME learning all of this in the span of one night was... NOT HEALTHY. 


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    • Good stuff

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    • Still worried that GG2020 will be worse then what Xrd did.

      KOF15 just keep Rock Howard in and I am all good.

      Where Asuka in BBTAG the actually main character, Neo cool though.

      UNICLR looks dope just hope it's a world wide release.

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