@Spike I feel bad for making you read all of this,so you don't have if you don't feel like it.If you were okay with my messages about Danganronpa from a while back,I won't get any more explicit with this than I did with those messages.

    This has been a long time coming.Before I talk about the game,let me talk about all the things that lead up to me playing it:

    After I finished watching DR2,and knowing that you're a fan of this franchise,I bought the 3ds port of the first game.That was a few months ago,when I was still in school and had exams coming,so even tho I bought the game I didn't have the time to play it.

    Last week I went on a trip and took my 3ds with me,thinking that I'd finally be able to play the game,since I didn't really have anything better to do on the trip.Problem was that I'm dumb and instead of taking my 3ds charger with me I took a second phone charger by mistake,so I only got to play through the first chapter before my battery died.This might have been for the better tho,since now we can talk about the game as I'm playing through it,instead of me playing the game by myself and only talking about it once I finish it,

    So,now that I've said all of that,here's my impressions of the first chapter of Corpse Party(I hope I still remember all the things I wanted to talk about):

    I didn't expect the game to have an opening nor voice acting,that was a really nice surprise.

    I'm liking the unsettling atmosphere a lot more than I thought,it's really fitting

    I've said before that I watched pewds' playthrough of the game a few years ago,but since then I've forgotten most of the plot,so right now I'm just redescovering all of it.There were a lot of moments where I went "oh,I remember this happening!".It's a really nice mix of nostalgia and discovering something new(since I don't play visuals novels all that often,especially something like this that was made in RPG maker)

    Some questions:

    What's the point of the survivor notes?I got all of them and got a wrong end.What's the point of adding a collectible to your game that just kills the player upon collecting all of it?

    Do I need to get all the wrong ends to trigger something?In the first chapter I got all of them but one(I'm assuming theres a wrong end if you reply "leave me alone" when Seiko and Naomi are fighting.I explored the areas pretty thoroughly and that's the only thing I didn't do that I can think of)

    What's the point of the name tags?I noticed that some of them are in optional areas,like that one in the classroom where you get locked in for like 1 minute before the doors opens up again(I got really confused at first and thought I needed to restart the game,Im glad I didn't )

    Is there some way to make sure I see all the relevant dialouge lines?at the end of the first chapter there's that line that implies Seiko likes Naomi,which I skipped the first time cause I didn't know I could go back to the previous area while playing as her( I replayed the last part of the first chapter cause I accidentaly skipped some dialouge during their fight and wanted to read it).I noticed that in some cases when the plot's about to progress the games prompts you with a textbox asking if you want to proceed.I guess the only way to make sure I see everything is to say "no",and go back and explore all the other areas before proceeding,but I also noticed that some story segments just start without any warning(like the chase scene in the infirmary),so I'm not really sure what the best approach is.

    I know this sounds nitpicky,but during that scene with the flesh and blood on the wall,where did the flies come from?If this is a different dimension where people get teleported to,how did the flies get in here?In the same vein as this,all the corpses that I took nametags from were just skeletons,where did all the flesh dissapear?I doubt bacteria can cleanly eat all the flesh off a corpse like that.Do these get explained at any point,or do I have to just roll with it?

    For the extra chapter that unlocked after finishing chapter 1,is there any way to get a good end right now?I tried interacting with everything in the bathroom in different orders,but nothing new seems to happen,and when I get out the bath I get a wrong end.I'm not really sure what I'm missing

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    • Where's the post? I can't see it from the letters.

      Yeah, the 3DS version is the ultimate version where they added the best sprites, remastered the music (which is awesome btw) and added missing scenes that were missing in the PSP version (the PSP version was incomplete as the chapters were still being written, but they released the game anyway)

      Wrong ends are collectabes in themselves (as you get a checkbox for each you see). The notes that lead to an end is a one time gimmick, it's just that one that taunts you to collect them despite even warning you it will lead to a bad end lol

      Same with name tags, they're collectables just to see how many people were lost and in what ways (You had the monokuma figures in DR2 for example) And well, yeah, no specific way to tell what you missed, you just save and explore, and if you trigger a cutscene, you reload and explore the other path, otherwise you can go to any chapter at any time to see what you missed. Most of them are extra so even if you miss them, you just lose curiosity points. Later chapters do trigger "best"/"worst" ending based on what you saw tho.

      Flies... well, you could argue some came aboard with the students and then nature took over. Plenty of food for them.

      As for dimensions, I can tell you, but it will be explained later. Let's just say those people have been there for a LONG time.

      As for endings, I there is a list of endings in the settings/extra menu so you can see how many there are per chapter (if there is only 1 listed, then what you see is what you get, I think the "good" ending is a bigger circle).

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    • So is there any point in getting all the endings/collectibles other than just for completion's sake?

      Also I take it you don't know about that extra chapter?Should I just look it up?

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    • My last comment is about the extra chapter.

      If there are multiple endings listed, then you can get another one, if not, then it is what it is.

      Well, some bad endings unlock Extra chapters (those are mostly in the last few chapters, you need the good endings to unlock the rest), but I thinks tags are purely for collection's sake (the PSP one had a bug where you could not 100% collect them all, and I had all bonus content unlocked).

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    • ah,misread it,my bad.

      I'll check now,but are there really chapters that only have bad ends?that's kinda weird.

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    • just checked.The extra chapters aren't separated,so for them there's just a really long lists of endings.

      It says that I got ending no. 3,and there's 2 more that I didn't get before that.Since this is the first extra chapter,I assume there's gotta be at least 2 more ending I can get in it,tho I genuinely have no idea what I can do differently.I guess I'll try to mess around with it a bit more.

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    • The 3DS version might be different, the PSP one had extras seperated in rows.

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    • ye I have no clue.Previously I know that I tried interacting with everything in the bath before getting the purse,now I tried getting the purse first before interacting with anything,but there's no difference,and as soon as I get out the bathroom there's a cutscene and then the wrong end screen.

      My gamer sense tells me there's something more going on with that voice in the bath stall,since it's so out of place from everything else and it was also present in the first chapter,but I don't know what to do with it.I tried the old game trick of interacting with an object a bunch of times ,but it didn't trigger anything.

      Idk,at this rate I'll either look it up or just leave it for now and move on to chapter 2(or maybe also go back to chapter 1 and try to get that last ending,tho if it is not triggered by choosing that other dialouge option then I also have no idea how to get that either,I'm fairly certain I interacted with everything else in that chapter)

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    • Ah, right, if it says "Dead End", then it is a bad end. not the normal one.

      But yeah, feel free to leave it for later, looking up a guide for then works since you'll pretty much be spoiler-proof. However, do try to consider the fact that maybe you're not supposed to go into the bathroom. CP also sometimes decided your fate a few conversations before the one you think matter so the fact you get stuck there is maybe because of an option you picked before that.

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    • Do things you did in previous chapters affect what you can do in future chapters?

      The extra chapter opens up with a cutscene that says who these characters are,starts me already in the bathroom,I can't get out until I get the purse,so all I can do is interact with the objects in the bathroom and pickup the purse.All the objects seem to have regular descriptive texts that don't stand out,the only thing that's kinda weird is that voice in the last bathstall that tells me to "SHUT THE GODDAM DOOR" ,tho that only triggers the first time I open the bathstall door,afterwards the door just opens for a bit then closes without anything happening.I tried picking up the purse then interacting with everything,I tried interacting with everything before picking up the purse and there's no text that stands out.As soon as I leave the bath there's a cutscene then the wrong end screen,I am not in control of the character anymore.

      The wrong end screen is the exact same screen I got for all the endings where I died in chapter 1.

      Idk,my only guess at this point is that I'm either completely overlooking something obvious or there's something else I need to do in another chapter in order to unlock the good end in this one(if this game even works like that).I noticed that in chapter 1 the game did give me some hints if I got stuck on something,so I doubt what I have to do in this one is really *that* obscure.

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    • Yeah, there is a whole story to see in that chapter, sadly I don't remember the details. Went to see a video, they basically pick it up, try to exit, summon a ghost, talk to it and from then it's straightforwarrd.

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    • Ah, forgot to answer about previous chapter. I think only the pre-final one affects the final one, but if I remember right, it's a "fake" final chapter that ends fast with a pretty much autopilot story (as in, almost all custcenes), might even still be the same chapter, don't remember

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    • ok,tried it again,what you have to do is attempt to exit the bathroom without interacting with the bath stall.

      On one hand I guess the "shut the door" comment was supposed to be a hint(tho it really isn't a good one),but I feel it's weird to punish players for interacting with the environment

      EDIT:WHOA now I can actually go outside the bathroom and explore the school.there's a lot more to this chapter than I thought

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    • That guy is a meme lol

      Hmm, I feel like the later CP give you a hint where you failed, tho that might be some other VN lol

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    • Alright ,I got the first ending,which wasn't a wrong end,so I guess this is the good one.

      There's still the second one tho,and possibly more since I don't know where on that ending list the endings for the second extra chapter actually start.

      Oof,and there were a lot of possible things I could have done differently,and there wasn't any way to save the game while playing the extra chapter.Hmmmmm I'll try a few things ,but if I can't figure it out I'll leave it be for now.

      Whenever I get one of those confirmation text boxes,does anything different happen if I say no?or does that just not advance the story until I actually say yes?

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    • There are some items that can lead to a bad end (like the notes and partially that newspaper article in chapter 1 lol) but for the most part it's just continuing the story.

      But yeah, don't worry about the endings too much, you can look them up later if you wanna get all the bonus content and extra chapters, 90% of them is unlocked simply by getting the "good" endings in chapters (it's called a good one, but say that to the people who didn't make it lol).

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    • Alright got the second ending too.I had to let my hp go down by letting those red spirits walk into me over and over(for some reason me walking into them does nothing,only them walking into me does damage).I can't really think of anything else to try(the other stuff I tried kept triggering ending 3 over and over),so I'm gonna assume this extra chapter has only 3 endings and move on.

      Speaking of damage,is there any way to heal myself,or am I just stuck with that hp until I finish the chapter?

      And ye,trying to find all the endings like this is kinda bothersome,so I probably not really bother with it for now unless what I have to do is obvious.I just want to enjoy the story.

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    • I quickly tried the different dialouge option in chapter 1,but I still got the same ending,it didn't really change anything,so I have no idea how to get that last ending Im missing.Oh well,there's probably some other way to die I didn't notice,and since I have no idea at what point in the chapter it is and I can't be bothered to play the chapter from the beginning,I'll just move on to chapter 2.

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    • Yeah, you don't have to bother with the endings, as I said, they're mostly for completion sake and 90% of the stuff you unlock by just playing normally. Just enjoy the story.

      The HP bar is a funny story. You see, CP was originally an RPG maker game, so it has several RPG elements in it they left in (original CP had stats and skills lol, they make a reference to this in one sequel). There are some places where you take damage, so the HP bar is there to warn you not to go there and/or to be careful.

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    • Ok,im a little bit into chapter 2.Impressions so far:

      Those gym uniforms don't leave much to the imagination,do they? Also speaking of school stuff,I noticed that both here and in yokai watch the classrooms have 2 doors.Is that a japanese thing?

      I like the idea of time and space being fragmented,it works both story wise and also gameplay wise as a way to explain where all the candles and wooden boards are coming from.

      sooooooooooo,I accidentally did a really weird wrong end?????

      here's what happened:at that part where ayumi goes crazy for a bit,and when you exit the room that ghost child comes at you,I couldnt avoid it and died the first time.Second time I tried to avoid it,but it still counted as death if I was near the ghost,not just if our eyes crossed.Third time I tried to not trigger the scene,so I didn't talk to ayumi and kept exploring the school to see if I can figure out something else to do,but after I left the room ayumi was in I couldnt get back in it.At first I thought I somehow glitched the game,since I couldn't talk to ayumi anymore and the ghost wasn't chasing me either,so I tried to look it up but didn't find anything relevenant.I walked around the school to see if there's anything else I can do,couldn't find anything,looked up what you normally have to do if you play the game normally,opened up the door with the nail puller,activated the trolley,activated the other trolley,at which point ayumi comes out the room on her own and gets killed,then yoshiki sees the dead body,the trolley activates on its own and he dies too.

      That's a really roundabout way to do a wrong end,and the worst part is that it seems like you're locked in that wrong end once you leave the room ayumi's in without talking to her.After you do that you can still save the game,so you can potentially override all your good save files and have to replay the chapter from the beginning.I guess I really need to be careful with my savefiles.

      EDIT:OOOH so that's where the blood came from.Also that doll is creepy AF

      2ND EDIT: finished chapter 2,and like chapter 1 I got all the endings but one.No extra chapter unlocked this time,Im not really sure what the requirement for those are.

      The plot's becoming really intense.I've already seen most of the things that I remembered about the game,the only things I remember that I haven't seen is the male protag searching for his sister(and possibly going outside the school ??),and sachiko showing up.

      I found a note saying that I can bring name tags to a custodian,but the door was locked.Does something special happen if I collect all the nametags and then go to that door?

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    • Chapter 2 doesn't have Extra chapters to unlock. Well, guess I'll tell you; 3rd chapter has 1 extra you unlock simply by getting the good end, and if you want specifics about the other chapters, leave me a note (I'll just mention if you have to bother getting multiple endings)

      The custodian part is something added in the 3DS version it seems, so don't know about that, worry about it later.

      And yeah, I love how all the events connect together due to the fragmantation.

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    • Nah,I don't really wanna know stuff in advance.I looked up what to do that time cause I genuinely thought the game glitched,and wanted to see what else I can do while the game was in that state.

      Speaking of that,how are you normally supposed to figure out to use the nail puller on that door?It doesn't really stand out as being something different(I didn't even notice the door when I entered that room the first time),and I didn't see any text hinting that I should do that.Do you just interact with everything till you figure it out?

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    • Yeah, as somebody who plays point and click games, I make sure to touch everything :P

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    • I mean,in point and click adventures you can see the mouse change shape/color when there's something you can click on :p

      Man,I used to love point and click adventures,but the genre seems to have died completely.Have there been any good games that have come out in recent years?

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    • Haven't really been paying attention, but one that got my attention was Armikrog as it's a spiritual successor to Neverhood (a really fun game if you haven't heard of it)

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    • finished chapter 3,and had to play it twice cause the victim's memoirs blocked the path to the final nametag,and that bothered me(also on the second playthrough I didn't know you *have* to read the first 2 memoirs to progress,so I got stuck and had to look up a guide)

      all the nametags and endings gotten in this chapters.Nametags seem harder to get now,I had to find an optional wooden board for one(which I found by dumb luck),and for another I had to check a corpse multiple times,I didn't even know that was a thing.I also unlocked like 3 different extra chapters,so I have a lot of stuff to do now :p

      the puzzle with the letters was a bit annoying:I figured that I had to overlay the pages to read the message,but I didn't figure out how the number cypher worked,so I started doing letter permutations in my head until I figured out the first row said "search desk in music room".Couldn't figure out the other rows,thankfully it didn't matter.After I got the shoes I got curious and looked it up to see what the other rows said and how the number cypher worked.The cypher IMO is dumb.It tells you in what order to read the characters on the pages,but it counts blank spaces as characters.If they wanted to do it that way,they should have made it clearer it takes blank spaces into consideration,I don't think anyone would count them without knowing that beforehand.

      Story-wise,things are moving way faster than I expected,I didn't think I' see all members of the main cast this soon.Since the last 2 chapters focused on 2 characters,I thought chapters 3 and 4 would also focus on 2 characters,and chapter 5 would tie everything together,but things are already getting pretty intense.

      I forgot the ghost girl with glasses was with the other ghosts,that took me by surprise.

      What's up with the guy with the cellphone?(forgot his name).I already have to deal with 4 ghost children and kids from other schools,I don't need people going crazy on me.

      Is there a reason for why that moss looked like a bunch of human faces?

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    • Speaking of the music room, love listening to it lol

      I have experience in dealing with messy puzzles by playing Silent Hill games lol, I saw the numbers don't add up so thought... maybe...

      And yeah, I made it a point to check something 2-3 times (in all games) just to see if the dialogue changes exactly because of that one particular board.

      Ah, that's Morishige, he's a bit creepy by default, and him losing his mind doesn't help his case lol, but compared to people you meet, he's a harmless bunny. Ok, maybe that's a bad example.

      As for the moss, I'm sure it's just to make sure you know that's a bad place.

      Oh and boy, the story is still at the tip of the iceberg lol. Kinda impressive now that I think about it, it's fast, and yet, slow enough.

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    • Sorry for the delay,I have been busy playing Yokai Watch,but now I've finished the game,so I'm gonna focus on Corpse Party now.You can expect more frequent messages from me here.

      I finished the 3 extra chapters I unlocked last time.Have to say,these were much more linear than the first extra chapter,which is nice,since when I first saw that there's twelve total and the first one took a bit to complete with all the endings,I thought it would take me quite a while to finish all of them.

      Mr. blue bathroom spirit mentioned that corpses can suddenly turn into skeletons after you exit and re-enter a hallway.I find it funny that I asked about that previously,and again,I have to say that I really like how they use this fragmentation concept to explain why everything is the way it is.It works really well.

      Also after thinking about it,is the reason why the floors keep getting holes in them,and then later being fixed back up fragmentation too?Is that space being sent forward in time,when the building is really damaged due to time passing,then sent back in time when it was still new?

      Also also,is it possible to meet people from the future/past?Say a group of kids from ten 10 into the future got sent here,and since space-time is weird due to fragmentation,would it be possible to meet up with them?I started thinking about this when that guy was telling Yoshiki about a bunch of video games/anime he's never heard about.The game made it sound like he didn't know about them because he doesn't pay attention to this kinda stuff,but I was thinking what if there's more to this than it seems...

      3rd also,in the last extra chapter I played the game called the girl in the red dress Sachiko(it showed her name on the name text box),but in the main chapters I haven't learned her name yet.Is this intentional,or did the writer(s) screw up?

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    • Yeah, the idea is that time and space have no meaning here, you can be anywhere at any time (which is why it's dangerous to split up). The anime part was meant to show how they're from a different time.

      Not sure about the extra chapter, they usually intercharge the main and extra chapter story so while you can learn something from one before the other, it's still giving you the info you need in some form. For example, you learned her name in the Extra chapter, but you'll get everything else in the main story.

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    • Okay,I literally just started chapter 4,and godamn,that's one hell of an opening. .............................. Like,I'm pretty sure I've seen multiple taihens(hopefully that's a good enough censorship) start the same way as this O_O

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    • Chapter 4 has a lot of goodies, in all sorts of ways.

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    • finished chapter 4.

      I completely forgot about the twist with Sachiko(or well,I knew there was something more going on with her,but I didn't remember any specifics),and also that 2 of the kids got home,so those were nice surprises.

      Only one extra chapter unlocked this time,I guess chapter 5 will unlock like 6 at once then?or do some of them unlock from playing other extra chapters?

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    • Now that you reached ch5, yes, 4 are in ch5, the rest are gained from extra chapters themselves.

      According to the list, ch4 gas 2 extra chapters, one is gained by getting the true ending, one by ending 6 (you fail to save Naomi).

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    • Ah,I was wondering why the seemingly good ending was ending 5 and not 6.

      And I thought about letting the timer run out during that section,but I couldn't be bothered to play through it again.

      I'll check to see if i still have a savefile before that part,if not,I'll just get it once Im done with chapter 5 and go back to get all the endings I missed

      EDIT:wait nvm,you said Naomi,not Ayumi.That's at the beginning of the chapter.Would playing it from the beginning again just to get that ending mess with anything in chapter 5?


      3RD EDIT:Whoa that Yuuya chase scene was intense.I hope I got all the nametags.Also why looking for nametags I accidentally triggered an alternate route where Yuuya catches up with you?At first I thought it was a wrong end,but after seeing that the game kept on going,I resetted and went with Sachiko(I saved the game right before unlocking the door to the west wing).

      4TH EDIT:Oh wow,now that I've seen Morishige's backstory I feel like I can weirdly relate to him.Sometimes we all need our own Mayu to keep us sane.I feel really bad for him now.

      5TH EDIT:wait a minute....Im now finding "Naho's notes",which the game is telling me there's 5 in total,and the sprite used for them is really similar to the one used for the victim notes.Will reading all of them kill me too?

      6TH EDIT:Damn,I resetted the game to try to save the teacher,but choosing the other option does the exact same thing.RIP

      7TH EDIT:AAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnd I also tried resetting to choose the other option in the incinerator,but the game only gave me some extra dialouge and still did the same thing.Why are you doing this,game?Why are you giving me the illusion that I can actually choose things when I actually can't?

      8TH EDIT:an invisible maze made out of bugs?And I have a 1 minute timer?Well,I'm glad koga's gym trained me for this

      9TH EDIT:It's raining princinpals!Hallelujah it's raining principals!

      Okay,seriously,what the hell was with that scream?It scared the crap outta me

      10TH EDIT:Whoa a secret underground basement?this is crazy!and the best part is that I don't remember any of this,no underground basement,not school changing it's layout,no looking for a red statue,no nothing.Everything feels brand new to me,this is great

      11TH EDIT:Hmmm ok,I just did the second portion of the tunnel where you have to follow the path of the blue spirit.For some reason the first few times following the path didnt work ,and I just kept trying until it worked. I have no idea what I did differently the time it worked,are you not allowed to stop while doing it or something like that?

      12TH EDIT: SEIIIIIKOOOOO!!!!! bruh.....

      13TH EDIT:

      Ayumi:so many corpses!





      This is DR2 all over again

      Power of hope,here we goooo!!!!!

      15TH EDIT:Wait wait wait,wrong end??!!

      I have no idea what I could have done differently,the tunnel was the definition of linear game design.

      Well,I got an extra chapter,so maybe that's gonna help??

      16TH:yee I think Im stuck.I went back to the beginning of the tunnels,but I couldn't find anything new,and I can't go back into the school anymore(which makes me wonder,how am I supposed to get the red statue on the pedestal now?).I have no idea what I could have done differently,chapter 5 seemed totally linear to me,other than that alternate route with Yuuya at the beginning every other option I tried yielded the same result,I couldn't have changed anything.And I'm also fairly certain I explored everything,unless I missed something really obscure like that wooden board in chapter 3.Ye idk what to do now,I might need to either look it up or wait till you read this.

      17TH EDIT: 'kay,looked it up.Apparently my hunch was right,and it had to do with the statue,and also Naho's notes which completely skipped my mind.Apparently they do work like victims notes,but they spawn in locations I 've already been to,which is why I missed them and didn't get the statue.Big oof.I'll check to see if I have a save file that goes back far enough to redo that.If I don't,I think I'll call it quits for tonight and finish the game tomorrow,It's already past 12 AM and I don't feel like replaying through the entire chapter right now.

      18TH EDIT:Ye none of my savefiles go back far enough.Guess I'll finish this tomorrow.See ya then

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    • Alright,Im collecting the notes right now,and the chase part in the lab really scared me.Why?Well,first off,where did hammer-man come from?He wasn't in the room before the chase scene started,was he just hiding inside a wall or something?And secondly,since I had no idea there would be any more chase scenes in this chapter,I didn't think there would be any need to save my game,so since the beginning of the chapter I kept playing without saving,and when I saw that now there's things chasing I thought "oh god,if I die now I'll have to play the chapter from the beginning again,please don't do this to me game".Thankfully finding the key wasn't that hard.Now let's finish this for real this time!

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    • So I got the ending where Yuka dies,which apparently is not considered a wrong end,since credits started rolling after it?

      Ye,Im gonna replay that part so it doesn't happen,this ending felt really anticlimatic

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    • Letting Yuuya catch you leads to a bad ending (not a dead end, just an alternative ending) which they used in the anime.

      But yeah, chapter 5 has a few branches that when you make a (bad) choice keep going like everything is normal, then surprises you with a bad ending. If you didn't keep a seperate save file... too bad.

      Now, there was option (not sure if it was in ch4 or ch5) with Ayumi and Yoshiki that was so perfect, complete with a poetic speech, and feels like it should be canon, but alas, picking it leads to a bad end.

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    • Okay,I got the good ending.I liked this one a lot more,but it still feels bittersweet,and also doesn't really feel like a proper ending,it feels like there's still more story to tell after this.Also,there's still A LOT of stuff regarding Sachiko that was left unanswered:

      How did Sachiko get a body after her death?

      How was the Sachiko charm created/Who created it,and what was it's original purpose?

      How/Why was this whole dimension even created?How did she go from being alive again and killing people for her mom,to being dead again and trapping people in this dimension?

      How did her mom's spirit get trapped in this dimension?If they died roughly at the same time,that would have happened before Sachiko created this dimension,so how did her spirit end up in here?

      When the game explains Sachiko's backstory,it made it sound like the 3 kids were just some of her many victims,but now they're integral pieces that keep this dimension from collapsing.Why are they different from the rest of Sachiko's victims?

      Also speaking of the 3 kids,in that flashback that Ayumi saw,why was Sachiko tied down too at first?

      I thought that appeasing the 3 kids and Sachiko would make the dimension colapse,which is why Ayumi and Yoshiki went back,but after appeasing Sachiko the dimension kept on existing and just replaced Sachiko with one of the kids.Why did the dimension keep on existing after that,and why does it need someone to replace Sachiko?(I guess this ties with the "how was this dimension created" question)

      Why does dying in this dimension erase you from the memories of everyone from the regular world?How can did dimension have this sort of influence on people that never made contact with it?

      This type of ending that leaves you with more questions than answers really reminds me of the ending of the second Zero Escape game(you really need to play those games if you haven't,they're some of the best VNs I've seen period).The second game was designed with a sequel in mind,so the ending was just a massive cliffhanger that basically told the player "go play the 3rd game once it is released to see how this story ends".Do the Corpse Party sequels help explain some of all of these loose plot threads too?

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    • Bruh

      In chapter 4,when the guy on the tapes was talking about the girl in the red dress,the voice acting was all in japanese,but every time he said red dress the dialouge said "one piece" in english every single,which startled me every single time I heard it,and now in one of the extra chapters,Seiko said "oshiruko"....


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    • inb4 "One Piece" is exactly that: a one piece dress, Roger's greatest treasure :P

      Also, about the ending, it was meant to be a sequel hook as the explanation goes to 2 (and a half) sequels.

      Personally, I am not too fond of how grand they made the story by the final sequel (this game started as your typical evil spirit cliche, but they made it WAY bigger then that lol). It's not a bad thing, but I didn't like the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest trilogy for the same reason: 1st part kept it simple and that was what made it enjoyable. I guess you could argue Kingdom Hearts went that route as well lol

      That said, still fun.

      Now as for the sequels.

      Next up is "Book of Shadows", which is both a sequel, a prequel and a reference book all in one. It's actually a visual novel type of game rather then a sprite RPG game and it's pretty darn good. Explains 80% of the story... but adds 50% more questions :P And oh boy, if you thought CP has messed up time and space, wait until you see this one.

      After that is "Blood Drive" which is a continuation of the "true ending" from "Book of Shadows" (which the anime adapted) and it is the final chapter in the Heavenly Host saga (there is a "Corpse Party 2" game out in Japan, unrelated to Sachiko, EN is waiting for all the chapters before releasing the game).

      Finally, there is "Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday Party". Now this one is a bit tricky. Chronologically, it's put in the middle of Book of Shadows, but it's meant to be played after Blood Drive, but Blood Drive has some references to SHHP that won't make sense if you didn't play SHHP (reason being that there are a few promotional manga that introduced a few new characters, but those manga were lost to time, so EN people have to play Blood Drive to know who the characters are, they even poke fun of it by saying "Players won't know who you are unless they read the manga or played Blood Drive anyway..."). That said, there is only 1 scene that trully confuses people in Blood Drive, and that is how Sachiko got her "charm", the rest you don't need SHHP for (but you do need Blood Drive for SHHP).

      Basically, SHHP is Carnival Phantasm-esque VN, but IT IS CANON, as while it may seem like a joke... Sachiko is (dead) serious.

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    • hmmmmm I seee.....

      So I take it that since you didn't answer my plot questions,everything is explained in the other games?

      Also,Im even more confused about the Sachiko tied up thing.In one of the extra chapters you see her and hammer-man tie up all the kids,and she's walking around that room just fine,but in this picture you can see she's tied up.Did she tie herself up just for lolz?My only guess is that they showed her being tied up so the player is surprised when they find out she's the killer,even tho her being tied up doesn't really make any sense plot-wise.

        Loading editor
    • Quite a few of those is answered in the sequels, so I didn't answer them in case you wanna see for yourself. I will just mention the kids; they were the very fist Sachiko brought to keep her mother company and thus was used as "pillars" for the dimension. Details are in sequels.

      As for that pic, yeah, that's one part that I never understood as well since the "Sachiko" from the kidnapping was alive and well in the real world according to the newspaper article. They never mentioned it again.

      Given they rehauled the original story (labeled PC-98, it's WAY different on it's ending and characters), it might be some leftover references (that nobody understands lol). There is a manga that adapts the original but just like the anime adapting the rehaul, they choose the worst possible (read: gruesome) ending lol

      I'd reference the manga name but... let's just say Highschool of the Dead. An odd choice for fanservice (and even disservice given this is not the fanservice you want to see) in a game such as this. I've seen stuff so it doesn't phase me, but for people who are easily shocked...

      P.S. Did you manage to save all 5 people and appease Sachiko by not messing up the charm? Just to be sure you got the real ending.

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    • wait,they never mention why she was alive again?

      yes,I saved all 5.I even got the "chapter 5 -fin- " ,the dialouge with Satoshi and Naomi,and saw the photo will of them at the end (was confused why Morishige wasn't in it,but apparently he's the one who took it)

      EDIT:if those 3 kids are Sachiko's first victims,wouldn't that mean that at that point she was killing for her mother,and not for her pleasure?Honestly she looked like she was enjoying stabbing that girl in the eye....

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    • Yeah, it's the one thing I was left wondering. Then again, given WHERE you found the article, chances are not all contents were true (like the killer's doll leading you to a false conculsion). Even then, it's a bit of an odd thing to leave in. The game does mention Sachiko pretended to be kidnapped, but the Sachiko mentioned in the article is a mystery.

      The game (maybe not this one lol, could be Book) does make it apparent Sachiko was twisted from the start, just that her intent was different then and now.

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    • Hmmm,that's really weird,considering that the kids even pointed out how the dates don't line up when they were reading the diary:Sachiko died in the '60s,but the child kidnapping happened in the '70s.Seems really weird for the writer(s) to point out that inconsistency and then never adress it.Do you know if this is any different in the original game?

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    • I think it was just meant to confuse you into thinking Sachiko was a victim, not the person in charge. Hence why it was shocking to see Sachiko was standing and Yoshikazu was in the corner quivering when it was believed he was the killer.

      But yes, they never really adressed the "adult" Sachiko who survived directly. For all we know, there was actually somebody with the same name and was used as a mean of covering the tracks.

      The original game was a lot shorter and kept things simple (it was a game first, story after, even had stats and power ups) so that part wasn't there.

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    • Well yes,I can see that picture of her being tied down being used just as a way to confuse and surprise the player,but that dialouge with them pointing out the dates don't line up doesn't work for that purpose.You learn Sachiko's the killer at the end of chapter 4,and the dialouge with the dates is after you get the diary from her mom in chapter 5,at that point you know what happened with the kidnappings,there's not anything to surprise you left.

      I could see the idea of there being another person used as a false lead BUT in chapter 3 or so(don't remember exactly,it's when you start finding articles about the kidnappings),you learn that the investigator tried looking for Sachiko to ask her about what happened,but apparently all traces left of her and her family just vanished,and no one knew anything about her location.After reading the article,one of the kids says that if Sachiko survived the killings,she should be an adult by now,and wonders why a ghost of her as a child ended up in this dimension,and assumes that,after the kidnappings, maybe Sachiko died in another incident before growing up(but now after seeing those diary entries in chapter 5 about what happened to her and her mom those clearly contradict the assumption).It seems really counter-productive to set up a false lead,only to then erase all traces of said lead from existence :P

      I looked on the wiki,but it only says that she gained a body,doesn't say how,nor does it explain how the police didn't find anything fishy about her.

      I tried to look it up on other sites,but this is the most I could find,and basically just says the same things you told me.

      Also why looking this stuff up,I now have EVEN MORE QUESTIONS :DD

      Why did the principal's son obey Sachiko?Also,while he was dead,why did he look like a zombie,and not a blue spirit like all the other dead people?

      Why does Ayumi have the same last name as Sachiko?Are they related?If so,is her affinity for the supernatural something caused by them being related?

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    • Regarding your questions.

      1. He was being haunted and ultimately possessed by Sachiko (you'll see in Book Shadow just how strong her hauntings are), him being a zombie is either by Sachiko drawing his body into the dimension (I'm sure you've met the anatomical model in the lab, who is actually somebody you know rather well, Sachiko made him her lackey by making him a berserk zombie so to say) or simply put, he had a "physical" astral body similar to Sachiko's mother, but given he looks like a zombie, it's more likey the first option (now, given SHBP is canon, even if it's a joke, Sachiko can simply pull people out of hell lol). Either way, she is practically god in that world, so he has no choice but to obey her.

      2. Yes. Ayumi's strong spiritual medium talent (which hurts more then helps lol) is a hint, details in Book and Drive.

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    • Ah,I thought it was something like that with the body,but I wanted confirmation.

      Wait,the anatomical model was possesed by someone I know?.....Should I look it up,or wait to learn that in the other games?

      Huh,I forgot Sachiko's mom also looked different,so in her case that's not her physical body,her spirit just looks like that?

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    • Oh, it wasn't possesed, Sachiko turned him into a "living" model. Google "Corpse Party anatomical model" and see whose name pops out at the top :P

      In case of her mom, not sure, it seems to be a spirit, just that it's a solid form (similar to Sachiko in fact, she solid, but can still go through objects).

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    • Ah lol,I actually saw the anime picture of him looking like that while I was looking up something else the other day,but since I didn't see it in-game I just assumed that it was something from another game/it wasn't actually him and didn't really think about it.

      I see,fair enough,I guess since Sachiko created this whole place,and she did it for her mom,their spirits get special treatment?

      Also I just thought about this now,but all throughout the game,why does Sachiko help the main cast,and not just kill all of them instantly?Heck,right at the end when the kids go to appease her,she tells them that she'll kill them if they don't back off.Why does she care to give them that warning,instead of just killing them?

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    • Well, she enjoys playing with her food (highly noticable in Book of Shadows) and there is one aspect that is not really touched upon in the 1st game: Sachiko has a good and a bad side/form.

      You've met her good side when she was showing Yuka the right way in example. Basically, it's whats left of her humanity. This was actually a big gimmick in the OG game (they even gave that form a white dress so you can tell them apart), but they just kinda skimmed through it in this version until the sequels (especially SHBP and Drive) showcased it more.

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    • Ah,I see,I read about the good/bad side in the original game while looking up stuff for her gaining a body,but since that detail wasn't so apparent in this game,I just assumed the writers scrapped the plot point.

      Well,for now I guess that's all the questions I have.Looks like I really need to play the other games to learn more,huh? :P

      I still have the rest of the extra chapters to play through,so expect more messages from me soon!

      Also I got all the nametags,but it didn't look like I unlocked anything extra for getting all of them.Does something happen if I now try to go back to the red door in the first few chapters(I remember that intercatcing with the red door in one of the chapters said to bring any nametags I got there)

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    • The PSP version had a bug preventing you from collecting all nametags (the one in the bathroom when you're running to the exit at the very end) so I couldn't test, but you can try.

      Book and SHBP can be found on Steam, while Drive will be available later this year (PC and Switch), but you can get it on Google Play (Android) (and PS Vita if by any chance you have one lol). Book is also on PSP.

      Also, did you take a look at the extras? I think the first game (I know the sequels do) had Voice Actor commentary which is fun.

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    • Damn that wrong end with Ayumi............

      Did she act like that because of the darkening,or was she really nasty like that inside all the time,and was only hiding it?I actually liked her....

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    • Is it the one where you chose to stay and then went back? I loved how it solidified Yoshiki's feelings, gives him a heroic speech moment... and then leads to a bad end lol

      But anyway, it's both. The darkening gradually makes your dark thoughts stronger until it comepletely makes you insane. She was just jelous, but you can see how far that escalated with the darkening in play.

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    • Ye that one.

      I've noticed that a lot of the bad ends give more character development than the good ones,like when you take yuka to the underground tunnel bathroom ,and Satoshi gives that speech about how he loves Naomi(the only time when he actually says it I think)and later on Yuka says she also loves him,or the one with the teacher in the extra end when it's the only time where she actually gets ANY character development whatsoever(apart from the extra chapters)

      Speaking of the extra end,is there any particular reason why they called it an extra end and not just a wrong end like every other bad ending?

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    • Could be since it was the final chapter so they wanted to make them all actual endings, but they named those extra so you knew which is the true canon one.

      The anime in example takes one of those as it's ending (dare I say it's one of the worst/gruesome lol).

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    • No no,the only ending that's called "extra end" is the one in chapter 4 when you fail to save Naomi.All the bad endings in chapter 5,when Satoshi goes back in time(for....some reason),when Yuka dies and they go back to the real world and Yuka has been replaced by some sort of dark spirit(again,for.....some reason),the one when Ayumi goes batshort crazy and kills Naomi,all of those,even tho they are as complex and have as much character development,if not more,than the extra end in chapter 4,are all called just wrong ends.The only extra end in the game AFAIK is the one in chapter 4 and that's it.

      Now how they call it doesn't really matter,but it just feels like a weird choice to choose 1 ending and make it sound all special by giving it an unique name,when it doesn't really seem all that special(unless this ending is explored more in one of the other games/adaptation and I don't know about it.I know that the time travel one gets explored more in Book)

      EDIT:Ah nvm,according to the wiki the one when Yuka dies is also called extra end,tho for some reason I don't remember that

      2ND EDIT:Ah right,the reason why I don't remember it is because the game doesn't show you any end screen,it just starts rolling the credits(which afaik it only does for this extra end and the true end)

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    • Those are all actually references to the OG game now that look at it (the manga I mentioned uses them all in one ending), so maybe that's why.

      But yeah, they didn't really think this through lol, which is why they made sure to address all issues in Book of Shadows and Blood Drive.

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    • Huh,interesting

      Well,I have now unlocked all extra chapters and extra ends,so all that's left to do is go back and get killed a bunch of times for the rest of the wrong ends,and also try out the red door now that I have all the nametags.

      Should be able to complete this in the next few hours,or at the latest tomorrow if some of the wrong ends require replaying very deep into a chapter to get.

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    • Huh,was looking at the extras,and just realised:what was the point of the sidestory with the 3 girls you play as in some of the extra chapters?Do they show up in future games or something?

        Loading editor
    • From a standalone point, they're meant to show you how the trapped people "live" in their new environment.

      From an restrospective point, yes, they're recurring characters, but not sure if they planned them to be such at first, I think they just wanted to show you how some of those nametags were when they were alive.

        Loading editor
    • I see.I just kinda wish they showed you their entire story till they died at least,as it is now it feels incomplete.

      Also lol,it turns out that during the Yuuya chase scene,if you don't trigger the drawer falling animation you can trap Yuuya on the other side of it when you come back trough it
      IMG 20190928 004633
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    • replaying through chapter 5,and it turns out the chase scene in the lab room is optional.Huh,who knew.

      Also ,where was it revealed that Yuuya is the anatomical model?I thought it would be in the ending where you die in the lab,but it wasn't

      EDIT:huh,didn't notice this before,but you find Yuuya's nametag outside the lab.I guess that was supposed to be a hint

      2ND EDIT:So I tried going back to the red door in chapter 2 and also to the room next to where the note about the name tags was,can't enter either of them.Also looked it up and everyone's saying the nametags are just for the story and nothing else.A bit weird that the developers put that note telling you to bring the nametags to the custodian but nothing actually happens when you do it.

        Loading editor

      Im done!

      All endings and name tags gotten

      Now the only thing I could do according to the wiki is the special event with the kiss

      Also while replaying chapter 1 I remembered that the health bar is a thing.Forgot about it since most things that kill you are just insta-kills,I think the hair spirit in the infirmary in chapter 1 is the only one that has to hit you multiple times?

      EDIT:aaaaannnnd Im done with the kiss scene too.Now afaik I've done everything you can do in the game.

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    • @Damage: That and the face moss.

      @Drawer: Yuuya: Curses, 20cm tall fallen drawers... my only weakness

      @3 Girls: You get to see 1 of them in Book, the rest are just nametags

      @Model: I think the 1st game is just implication, but the other games and the anime confirm it.

      @Nametags: Reminds me of Danganronpa 2 when you collect all monokuma dolls. Momokuma: Congratz on collecting them all, your reward is... nothing. Hinata: Well that sucks...

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    • thinking about it,I think there were also some red spirits in one of the extra chapters that dealt you damage

      the funniest part is that in chapter 3,he was the ONLY character capable of lifting those things up.I guess going crazy made him forget how to use his hands to do that,he needs them to do.....something else now :P

      Oh,Yuuya's mentioned in the other games?I assumed he'd be gone now since he's sorta dead.

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    • Nah, he's too popular of a character to just be axed off.

        Loading editor

      I heard about it, but didn't expect it to be true.

      CP2 (completely new cast and story setting) is coming on Steam on the 23rd. WOOT

        Loading editor
    • Noice

      is it the full game or is it gonna be released in chapters?

        Loading editor
    • Seems to be just chapter 1 (out of 4) based on the information text on Steam.

      Well, I waited for The Walking Dead, guess I'll wait for these too.

      Also, I thought it was a completely new universe, but it's set in the same one as the OG CP. That makes things interesting.

        Loading editor
    • Decided to play CP2 (people waited for the Walking Dead episodes to come out, guess I'll wait for this).

      Looking pretty good so far, they went back to being a "simple" horror game which I loved about the first game. They did insert the obligatory "poop" joke lol

      Feels like playing a Resident Evil VN.

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    • Ok,but you didn't tell me the important many echi scenes have you seen so far? :P

        Loading editor
    • I'm missing the joke.

        Loading editor
    • The first game had a lot of sexual jokes in it,Im asking if you've seen any of that sort in this game :P

        Loading editor
    • It did?

      I know it had themes, but not jokes (the Birthday spinoff has plenty however).

      We do have a Seiko-esque character right off the bat tho (poop joke and all).

        Loading editor
    • Well,pretty much every cutscene with Seiko in it had some sort of sexual innuendo.There might be others,but those are what I remember the most.

        Loading editor
    • Well, Seiko was written that way in specific as her way of indirect flirting, but the rest of the cast was pretty normal in that regard (not counting Kizami's obsession).

      All games do include at least one fanservice event to a degree tho (since all have a Seiko type character in them).

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    • Hmm, this really DOES feel like Resident Evil lol

      Kinda hard to judge it as is, the first game clicked with me on the spot, but this requires more analysis. At the very least, I feel like playing it, so it's interesting.

      Also lol, the Extra chapter has a character from the original game, but the art style changed so much I didn't recognize him (in the first game, he looked like a, well, shonen character, now he looks like a bishonen one lol)

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    • Maaaan,I should really get into Resident Evil at some point

      And it's Morishige,right?I remember seeing a picture of him as a doctor on the wiki.Or was that his dad?

        Loading editor
    • It's Satoshi actually. And we don't know yet (it's the cliffhanger), given Morishige looks like an adult, it's probably his dad.

        Loading editor
    • oh damn,satoshi looks like he could be a fruits basket character

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    • Right?

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    • A FANDOM user
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