• C-Z

    Posting this before the day ends because MAN was it busy today at Wendy's.

    Just want to say how thankful I am once again for finding this Wiki and it's community. For FINALLY getting a job (it's Wendy's) and learning that grinding working in fast food is no freaking joke. Sure, there are tougher jobs out there but this being one of the basic jobs that young kids can go for is pretty crazy, lol. But they need it and so do I. 

    Shoulda went job searching when I was 16 instead but I didn't know any better or my parents never urged it at that time. 

    But that doesn't matter anymore. Because now I'm here. 23 years old, employed, and attending college (in some sense). Found a volunteer job at my college and it somewhat relates to my major (digital media). Also found that there's a video game development club at my college and I finally have a place to introduce my card game idea (after cleaning it up some more). All I need to do now is take my drivers test late this month and pass it this time... And maybe I can finally say hey, things are finally really looking up for me

    Love you all and I hope this wiki continues on for a very long time. 

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    • Is this a birthday post??

      If so, 

      🎈Happy Birthday🎈

      Hopefully things continue to improve in your life.

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    • C-Z

      Thank you very much. 

      Hope all of our lives continue to improve one way or another on these hectic times.

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    • Happy Birthday mah dood. Good thing I happen to be active now when I rarely am nowadays lol

      Wait, you work at Wenday's? owO

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    • HikaruNyan555
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    • C-Z

      Yup, my first ever job.

      Ever. In 23 years. 

      But hey, the co-workers and managers help lighten up the environment. And I get a 50 percent discount if I order there. 

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