• random post, recommend me some manga pls, I'm pretty sure whatever you can recommend is something I could get into.

    Updated on everything i'm following atm and just checking if any LNs I follow also have mango adaptations atm, found  one tho it's on the  gory side so me not can make saying le name here :v

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    • how a realist hero rebuilt the kindgom (light novel)

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    • Hmm... Have actually not read that many manga, so can't recommend that many (and some I can't mention because Spike senses), but some of which I read:

      Black Rock Shooter: the Game

      Makai Senkei Disgaea

      Valkyrie Profile

      Phantom Brave: Ivoire Monogatari

      Madoka: The Different Story

      As you can see, there is a pattern lol, I was interested to see how the manga portrays the story from certain games.

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    • any genres in particular? and do you care if they're longer series?

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    • Saki, with Shinohayu and Toki spinoff. Plus the Someya Mako food cafe spinoff.

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    • A FANDOM user
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