• Since the main boss got revealed, let's talk deckcraft.

    How are you gunna build it? Speedy Aggressive? Power Aggressive? Techy Aggressive? Highlander Aggressive?

    Whatever option you choose, know that you'll be aggressive and ya HAVE TO be aggressive. :/

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    • Okay so as of now I'm messing with this build:

      G0s 17: 1 Millius, 8 crits, 4 Iseults, 4 Heals

      G1s 10: 4 Sicilus (assuming that he is a Branwen clone), 4 Pongal, 2 Gmoris/Marron

      G2s 16: 4 Livarot, 4 Suleiman, 3 Starlight, 2 Tion, 1 Barron

      G3s 7: 4 Aerial, 3 Blue Sky

      So pretty much a mixture of Speedy and Power aggressive. Suleiman and Livarot make sure that I rush early and can easily recover so here's the speedy part. The MVP (other than starlight) has to be Tion and Barron tbh. The extra 10k and 5k they offer along with 3 crit columns is soooo good for damage denying it (or just ending it early). Also, Pongal was actually surprisingly neat, even without Akane.  Still messing with the build so I may add her as a 1-2 of copies one day.

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    • I am still curious about the Tion addition. Her addition generally means, you'll be forced to commit to the board completely. Which means, if ya decide to rely on her heavily, you'll have to go the Force 2 route nearly all the time. You gunna be ok with that?

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    • Here's the thing, Tion needs 5 units to attack, but she doesn't care about boosting. So my main plan with her is to use her as a booster to have my columns go for 49k with 3 crits (F2 and Aerial's crit) or 59k and 2 crit with F1. I'm  stillwaiting for all the techy Rs and Cs to be revealed so that I can incorporate them into my deck.

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    • Aah of course. Altmile with Starlight does give that option. Ok compact plays are possible. It will still suck if ya get into scenarios where you cannot access your main attackers and ya have to put this up front n center tho.

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