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Plant Token

"Token unit" (トークンユニット Tōkun Yunitto) is a type of unit. Unlike other types, they are pseudo-units generated by a card's ability and cannot be put in a deck during deck construction. Physically, they are represented as cards with a full illustration without card frames.

How It Works

  • At the start of the game, all tokens you plan to use during the game are put into your token area. If you choose to use card sleeves for your tokens, they must be different from those of your main deck and G deck. Tokens do not count toward a deck's requirement of 50 cards.
  • A token unit is not considered to exist until it is generated by a card's ability.
  • There is no limit to the number of tokens that a player may generate.
  • Unless otherwise specified, when a token is generated, it is called to the field as [Stand].
  • A token's stats are listed in the ability of the card that generated it, as well as on its card.
  • While a token is on the rear-guard circle, it can be used as if it were a rear-guard. So, it can attack, boost or intercept (if applicable) and be referred to or chosen for purposes of costs and effects.
  • Token units cannot exist outside of the token area or the field. If a token leaves the field (such as being retired or returned to the hand) or is locked, it disappears from the game.
  • Tokens are not part of any clan or nation (they are not even Cray Elemental). Because of this, your units with Lord cannot declare an attack as long as you have a token on the field.
  • In Bushiroad sanctioned events, players may only use official token cards. In casual games, players may use any form of markers they want (non-Vanguard cards, dice, etc). Players should ask the person in charge of their local tournament before using unofficial tokens at locals.

Token Generator Clans and Nations

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  • In the official website, tokens are referred to as "other" along with gift markers.