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I'm this shop's number three fighter! The knight of destiny... Tsuneto Tado!

—Tsuneto Tado, G Episode 2

Tsuneto Tado ( ツネト Tado Tsuneto) is a supporting character in Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Along with Karl Yamaji and Kei Nagara they make up Team Trinity Dragon, of which it seems he is the leader. He is classmates with Nagisa Daimonji.

He uses Oracle Think Tank deck and his FICA level is at Grade 3, which is one of the reasons why he often brags about being the third best cardfighter at Card Capital 2.


His family name, "Tado" (多度), means "many occurrence", which probably means he will frequently be shown in the anime.


He has a personality like a chuunibyou and likes to tease other people, as he teases Chrono of having the same name as his Chronojet Dragon. He can also be quite reckless at times. Like Chrono, he would, by his own decision, undergo many hardships just to gain points to raise his Fica level grade and prove his skills. He also seems to treat Mamoru Anjou as his idol to a point that having the chance to fight him in a cardfight is a blessing.


  • Tsuneto and Kei were initially designed to be Ibuki's team members for Cardfight!! Vanguard Movie: Neon Messiah. But since it was decided that Ibuki would work alone, their designs were put away until Vanguard G where they needed a rival team of 3 for the main casts.
  • His birthday is May 5th (Cinco de Mayo or Children's Day in Japan).