Type (タイプ Taipu) is a property that each card in the game has. It is usually printed to the left of its name. It dictates its own rules regarding when and how a card may be used.

Card Types

All official cards have two features in their type: Main type (メインタイプ Mein Taipu) and Sub type (サブタイプ Sabu Taipu). A type is indicated with both the Sub type and the Main type. For example, the card type of a card whose Main type is "unit" and Sub type is "trigger" is "trigger unit".

Each Main type has one or more Sub types associated with it. A card of a given Sub type is also always of the corresponding Main type.

Special Types

Some cards or pseudo-cards may also have a Special type (特殊タイプ Tokushu Taipu). Special types are independent from main and sub types. The effects of adding, removing, and changing types do not affect special types, and vice versa. Some of these Special types have distinct rules associated with them.

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