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Manifest yourself by devouring my future!
Ultimate Stride!

—Chant when declaring Ultimate Stride


Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo

"Ultimate Stride" (究極超越アルティメットストライド Arutimetto Sutoraido) is a keyword exclusive to G units, and introduced in G Booster Set 13: Ultimate Stride. It is indicated by "Gyze's Crest" with the name next to it; thump.


G units with the "Ultimate Stride" ability generally have the following characteristics:

  • Like G units with Stride, they have a red-colored frame with golden lines, and they are grade 4 cards with "Triple Drive!!!".
  • They have an original power of 25000 (instead of the 15000/16000 that standard G units with Stride have), in addition to a "+", reflecting the fact that they gain power from their heart card.
  • They have a nation listed instead of a clan.
  • They have the Zeroth Dragon race.
  • They have an AUTO ability that activates when they are placed on (VC) which includes a cost of Counter Blast (2).

How It Works

  • G units with "Ultimate Stride" may have a nation rather than a clan listed on their card.
  • "Ultimate Stride" works the same as Stride, but with the following differences:
    • "Ultimate Stride" can only be performed if you have three or more face up cards in your G zone. It does not matter if you or your opponent do not have a grade 3 or greater vanguard.
    • You can only "Ultimate Stride" a unit that shares a nation with your vanguard.
      • It does not matter what clan your vanguard belongs to. For example, since "Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom (D Series)" belongs to «Stoicheia», which is treated as both «Magallanica» and «Zoo», you can "Ultimate Stride" both «Magallanica» and «Zoo» units, even if the «Aqua Force» clan does not normally belong to «Zoo». ("Neon Gyze" still has to be in the player's deck to include a «Zoo» card in an «Aqua Force» deck)
      • If your vanguard has no nation, you can only "Ultimate Stride" a «Cray Elemental» unit.
    • The cost for "Ultimate Stride" is to choose a card from your hand with the same name as a card on your (VC), and discard it. The grade of the discarded card does not matter.
    • When a G unit that was brought into play with Ultimate Stride returns to the G zone (e.g. at end of turn), immediately put all cards from your G zone into your removal zone face up. This zone is located away from the main zones of the game, but close enough so that the cards in it are visible to both players. The number of cards in your G zone becomes 0 as a result, so Generation Break abilities become no longer usable.
  • Cards that allow you to pay a different cost for Stride do not apply to Ultimate Stride unless otherwise specified.
  • If a G unit is placed on the field due to an effect that is not Ultimate Stride, it does not follow the conditions listed above.

Ultimate Stride on Neon Gyze

  • "Neon Gyze" is the only non-G unit to have "Ultimate Stride". Although it is considered to be the same ability, the conditions for "Ultimate Stride" on "Neon Gyze" are different from the regular conditions to "Ultimate Stride".
    • This "Ultimate Stride" can be performed regardless of the number of face up cards in your G zone. Instead, the number of face up cards with the <Zeroth Dragon> race in your bind zone must be 5 or more.
    • This "Ultimate Stride" can only be performed if you have a grade 3 or greater vanguard. It does not matter if your opponent does not have a grade 3 or greater vanguard.

List of Cards with Ultimate Stride

United Sanctuary

Dragon Empire

Star Gate

Dark Zone



Cray Elemental

Alternative Cost for Ultimate Stride

Starting with Dragfall, Luard, some cards possess the ability to allow you to pay the Ultimate Stride's cost using alternative methods.

Clan Card Name Cost
Shadow Paladin Dragfall, Luard Ritual X, Counter Blast (4) - X & Choose a normal unit from drop zone, and put it on the bottom of the deck

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  • The kanji of the name (究極超越 Kyūkyoku Chōetsu) means "Ultimate Transcendence".
  • According to the Japanese Vanguard Column #54, discarding a card with the same card name as the vanguard can be interpreted as the "devouring your own future".


Ultimate Stride

Ultimate Stride