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  • I live in Denial
  • I was born on October 19
  • I am Male
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My clans:

Main Clans:

Angel Feather, Pale Moon, Genesis, Murakumo, Oracle Think Tank

Angel Feather: My main clan. Now and forever. From Kiriel to Zerachiel to Gavrail. And of course my guardian, Nociel. I cry myself to sleep at night because the only characters to use my clan in the anime are girls.

Pale Moon: One of my two "main clans" before G era. Started out as Silver Thorn because of Luquier, but after a while started to get more attracted to AF. Now with new support, ready to start the circus up again!

Genesis Witches: Cheaper than SP Witches, but still witches. Mint is adorable, too. Now it can be it's own deck, with the support.

Murakumo: Shirayuki is an example of how one card can make me build an entire deck. Shirayuki Murakumo is best Murakumo.

OTT: Amaterasu is like OTT's Shirayuki.

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