aka Van Haym

  • I live in Jakarta
  • I am Male

Howdy, folks.

Welcome to my page! I am G.Van Haym, a casual fighter from Indonesia (not my real name, dude). Although I play casually, I am a cardfighter enthusiast and I like to try out many decks. But of course my main deck is Granblue.

Why Granblue?

They're zombies and ghosts and vampires, easily my favorite genre of fantasy. They also revive themselves and they don't die they're dead anyway. "Graveyard Manipulation" (or Drop Zone in Vanguard) theme has been my number one arsenal in many TCGs. So here I am, declaring Granblue as my main clan in Cardfight Vanguard!

So what's your favorite clan?

Chappy in His Room

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