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Welcome to My Profile!

My name is, Kuku (Not real name). Vanguard is one of the best card game, I ever played, and loved to play! Because they is no card shop in my country, I used to play online. I play on tco. Sometimes I feel very bored while playing vanguard, so to make myself feel fresh, I watch animes, hmm horror animes, romance, adventurous, funny etc. I mostly like horror animes :P after watching it, I feel so scared to sleep (lol) and feels very happy. I'm glad that I'm one of the member of this wikia, and hoping to have more friends, here..and Thanks to all! c:

My True Vanguard!

Rose Red Witch, Kuku


-Promising Newcomer

Favorite Clans

1.Shadow Paladin

Kinda op clan. Sometimes I use Aurageyser Dragon and Aurageyser Doomed deck, because it's kinda fun. But while using this clan, my main deck would be Revengers, because of their leaders, PBA and PBD (There are leaders in my view). It's really fun using them c:

2.Gold Paladin

Rushing! My main deck while using this clan is, Liberators. Alfred is great, but mostly I prefer using, Bluish Flame deck. I love using Aglovale, because it's kinda like the Jewel Knight, Swordmy. Along from that, this clan have the cards that can unlock cards!

3.Link Joker

Yup! Locku, locku, locku! I really love locking, because it can reduce your opponent attacks to minimum. Past times, I did like to use Star-vaders. But now, the light have taken over the dark and joined together, so messiah would be the deck I'm using!

Favorite Cards

1.Jewel Knight, Swordmy

I love him so much.

2.Oath Liberator, Aglovale

He's just like Swordmy, it's like, I love all the cards that can superior call other cards from deck.

My Mates on Wiki

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Alice Nichy Яyker

Wanna be my friend?

My Works

If anyone want any banner, please ask me. I will make it for you.

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