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  • I live in Singapore
  • I am Male

My Avartar

I started Cardfight Vanguard in the year 2012. My first trial deck was TD01: Blaster Blade. But my first complete deck was a Gold Paladin Ezel Build deck. Ever since, I have own a total of 15 deck.

List of deck:

1. Royal Paladin (Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon + Blue Sky Knight, Altmile)

2. Gold Paladin (Ezel)

3. Gold Paladin (Liberator - Gancelot)

4. Oracle Think Tank (From Full Moon to CEO Legion)

5. Genesis (Regalia Minerva)

6. Kagero (Perdition, Vortex Dragonewt)

7. Narukami (Brawler)

8. Murakamo (Shirayuki)

9. Gear Chronicles (Chrono Jet Dragon + Stride)

10. Aqua Force (Maelstrom)

11. Great Nature (Polaris + Breakride)

12. Great Nature (Big Berry + Leopald Reverse + Stride)

13. Neo Nectar (Sephirot + Ahsha + Stride)

14. Link Joker (Chaos Breaker + Legion)

15. Shadow Paladin (Revenger)

That is the list of deck that I own. Thanks.

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