Hello guys, I'm Lord Hisu~  ^_^

I created my account in this wikia a long time ago, just for edit minor errors in some card pages, but I never really posted in any discussion page.

Maybe I can change this from now on.

I'm a very experienced player, as I play Vanguard since BT01 release.

My main clan is Bermuda Triangle since BT02 (i just love cute things  <3), when I saw the beautiful Aqua.  *-*

And now I'm the greatest collector of this clan here in Brazil. I have 4 copies of each card in each rarity, plus all SPs, all sleeves and all playmats released.

In fact, I just decided to start to post here because of a misunderstanding in the EB10 page...  xP

I also consider myself a rule expert, always following the new versions of Comprehensive Rules and even questioning Bushiroad about their own rules. I already pointed some errors and double interpretations in the Rules that were fixed later (It's really cool to have Bushiroad thanking you for something like this, you know? >_<).

I'm also the admin of the biggest brazilian Vanguard forum:

If you are brazilian (or just speak portuguese), check it out! All the brazilian Vanguard community is gathered there.  ^_^

So... I think that's all. See ya, guys.  o>

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