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  • Arboros Renegade, Vere
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  • Arboros Renegade, Vere

    Welcome to Vere's walkthrough of Cardfight!! Vanguard EX! I'll edit these blogs as I play along. I also made these blogs instead of subpages so y'all can ask questions or tell me if I get something wrong.

    (Note - The devs have confirmed there will be no further card updates. V-EB09 is the last set of cards in this game!!)

    • Part 0: The Basics And Introduction

    First off, you need to actually purchase the game. The game can be bought through vendors such as Amazon JP (for a physical copy), or through a Japanese PS4 or Nintendo Switch account. I personally have the Switch digital version, so I'll detail how to get it here (as an fyi, the PS4 and Switch aren't region locked for playing games. Only the actual online stores are):

    1. Make a Japanese acco…

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  • Arboros Renegade, Vere

    These past few weeks, I've slowly been trying to update pages and templates to make them more convenient. I have other stuff in mind, but was curious if anyone had any suggestions as well.

    I was thinking of maybe adding in Navboxes under Sub-clan cards, like how the YGO wiki has navboxes for their archetype cards (example: Daigusto Emeral), or how the Fire Emblem wiki has it for weapons (example: Venin Bow) and characters (example: Rebecca). These naxboxes would be color coded for nation (black for multiple nations), would go under the cardtable on pages, and would include subclan/archetype members, and specific support cards (like Padmini for Ahsha). These would also be collapsed, as to not be too in the way when going into the comments.


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  • Arboros Renegade, Vere

    This has been something I've been meaning to make for a while, but another user brought it up earlier this month so figured I'd make a blog since this isn't exactly official information.

    Like other card games (I would assume), Bushiroad has a way of sorting cards in a set's cardlist for vanguard products aside from the obvious Rarity sorting. The current ordering has been mostly consistent since Booster Set 10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights/Season 3 Products, and it's not often that it changes outside of adding new rarities like GR, ZR, etc (and there has been a mistake a few times).

    What use does knowing this have? Not much, unless you like making predictions lists like me. Bushiroad could always pull a fast one on us. But maybe …

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  • Arboros Renegade, Vere

    Just so we have a list of what's been revealed so far.

    Illust: モレシャン

    Illust: 大張正己

    Illust: yuukoo009

    Illust: DaisukeIzuka (Note: Product page calls it "History-maker", but the singing event calls it "History-build")

    Illust: BISAI

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