Welcome to Vere's walkthrough of Cardfight!! Vanguard EX! I'll edit these blogs as I play along. I also made these blogs instead of subpages so y'all can ask questions or tell me if I get something wrong.

(Note - The devs have confirmed there will be no further card updates. V-EB09 is the last set of cards in this game!!)

Table of Contents

  • Part 0: The Basics And Introduction

Part 0: The Basics And Introduction

Downloading the Game

First off, you need to actually purchase the game. The game can be bought through vendors such as Amazon JP (for a physical copy), or through a Japanese PS4 or Nintendo Switch account. I personally have the Switch digital version, so I'll detail how to get it here (as an fyi, the PS4 and Switch aren't region locked for playing games. Only the actual online stores are):

  1. Make a Japanese account by going to You have to use a different e-mail than your main account. Where it says "Country/region of residence", make sure you change it to Japan, otherwise it won't work!
  2. Verify your new account through the e-mail chosen.
  3. On your Switch, go to System Settings, then Users, and select "Add User". Make a user profile for your new account, and link it to said account.
  4. Once your account is linked, go to the eShop using your newly created profile. It'll say that the eShop will be changed into that regions language (only for that account though). You'll then be asked to reconfirm your Nintendo Account password. Once there, you'll be taken to the main eShop page. It navigates like the English eShop page. Go to the side menu, and select the bottom-most option. you'll see a screen with 16 slots. This is where you will input eShop codes to purchase games, since Paypal and most credit cards will be unable to be used on this JP account (due to bank reasons or w./e).
  5. Now, you'll have to purchase digital eShop cards. To do this, go to a retailer such as PlayAsia, and find DIGITAL and JAPANESE eShop cards. I'll link them here to save time. The game costs 7380 Yen (iirc), so you'll need to purchase the 5000 Yen and 3000 Yen cards.
  1. Once purchased, you'll be given a code for each card. Go back to the eShop to the 16 code option, and input your card codes.
  2. Then, proceed to the NEW section of the eShop, and scroll down until you see Cardfight!! Vanguard EX. The buttons to purchase games should be similarly placed to the English buttons. Click "購入にすすむ", then click the button that says "購入を確定する". Once bought, click "おわる" to be taken out of the eShop. Click "終了する" to confirm exiting.

Once the game has been downloaded, it's time to play! As a reminder, you can play the game with your non-Japanese account! You just need the JP account to purchase the game.

Starting the Game

  1. Once at the main title of the game, click any button to continue, and start a new game.

(Note - If you wish to know the story, I suggest looking at DifferentFight's let's play of the game on Youtube!)

  • Text buttons:
    • A - Continue
    • + - Skip scene
    • Y - toggle between auto-play text
    • R - Fast forward to when the next person starts talking

You'll be met by MC Miya taking about the Vanguard Koshien, then taken into a scene where Izuru is in a fight with a random boy.

Then, you'll see a scene of other characters, and you'll be introduced to Shiyuri Aizen. After a short scene with her and her friends discussing how Izuru (a freshman) beat up a guy who's essentially a Junior (in US high schools at least), and then talking about going to their local card shop to play vanguard, you'll be back with Izuru, who happens to have met Hitsue High members Katsumi Morikawa and Taishi Miwa, who were visiting Izuru's school for a friendly Vanguard match. At this point, Izuru doesn't know about Vanguard, so when Morikawa asks for the strongest fighter, Izuru thinks he's looking for a fistfight.

You'll then be introduced to Shiyuri's brother Souma Aizen, who's apparently super popular and a well-known Cardfighter. He then tells Izuru to leave.

Izuru then comes across Card Capital, and meets Aichi Sendou and Shin Nitta. After some introductions, Izuru will try out Vanguard. Misaki Tokura comes in and acts wary towards Izuru. You'll then be given a rental deck, and the tutorial fight starts.

From here you'll be asked if you would like to skip the tutorial fight. Click "YES" to skip, and "NO" to proceed to the tutorial fight. I'll skip the fight.

After the fight, Aichi tells you that he's impressed with your abilities. Toshiki Kai, Miwa, and Morikawa show up, and are surprised you beat Aichi. You then "fight" Kai (it's just a scene), and lose horribly. Kai says you're nothing like Aichi, which angers Izuru. Misaki tells Izuru he'd be kicked out if he tries to start a fistfight. Izuru seems interested in Vanguard, and wants to keep playing.

EX Gifts

EX Gifts are story-mode only powers you can use in fights. Click the link for a list of all of the EX Gifts. Your first EX Gift is "PSYqualia". The next screens just tell you about EX Gifts.

While on the explanation screens, press the B button to go back a page, and the + button to skip.

To get to the Gift Selector, press the + button from the Map screen, and select "EX Gift Selection". Choose a gift by pressing the A button.


You'll be given V Trial Deck 02: Toshiki Kai to start off with. Use the X button to view detailed information of the higlighted card. The next screens tells you about deckbuilding and balancing your deck, talking about how to use abilities, etc.

To get to the Deck Editor, press the + button from the Map screen, and select "Deck Edit". You can also press the + button from one of the shop's menus.

You are able to have up to 60 decks. Simply select a deck to edit it, or select an entry that says "NO DATA" to create a new one.

Editing a Pre-existing Deck

When editing an already-filled slot, you'll be given seven options, as follows:

First Column Second Column
Edit Deck Choose a Deck Recipe
Rename Deck Delete Slot
Copy Deck Move Deck Slot
Change Sleeves

(Note - You must have at least one deck. It sounds obvious, but if you only have one deck slot, you can't delete it!)

To add a card to your deck, highlight the card, and press the A button. To remove a card, press the Y button instead. You can also filter your cards by pressing the ZR button. To save your deck, press the + button.

Creating a New Deck

When creating a new deck, you'll be given two options. The top option will allow you to create a deck from scratch, while the bottom option will allow you to use a trial deck as a base. To create a deck from scratch, choose your clan, then add the cards.


To craft cards, you must already have obtained at least one copy. You can't craft cards you've never gotten before! you also cant craft the special foil commons and rares received through packs. Each rarity has a CP cost:

  • Commons and Promos - 10 CP
  • Rares -
  • RRs - 200 CP
  • RRRs - 500 CP
  • VRs - 1000 CP
  • SPs -
  • ORs - 800 CP
  • XVRs -
  • LIRs -

To craft a card, select the "Edit Deck" option, highlight the card you want to craft, press the X button to view its information, then press X again to craft a copy of that card.


The next scene tells you about navigating the map. There are multiple card shops you can visit, with different characters and products in each shop.

  • Characters marked "Main VS" are the main story fights.
  • Characters marked "Shop" are the shops you can visit.
  • Characters marked "Free" are side stories.
  • Characters marked "Free VS" are side fights, and don't impact the story.
  • Characters marked "Free VS" are side stories and side fights, and don't impact the story.

You can move around the map with the D pad or the Left stick, and select a highlighted character with the A button to go to that location. You can also jump between locations with the L and R buttons.

You can press the + button to go to the menu, where you can edit your deck, select your EX Gift, go into the Options, or return to the Main Menu.


The three shops you can visit are:

  • Travelers - Owned by the Aizen family. (Shiyuri and Souma can be shopkeeps)
  • Card Capital (Misaki and Shin can be shopkeeps)
  • Voyage (Gouki and Nagisa can be shopkeeps)

You are able to buy packs, trial decks, sleeves, and playmats, as well as being able to go to the eShop to buy downloadable content.

There are two kinds of currency in the game: VP (Vanguard Points I assume), and CP (Card Points I assume). VP is the main currency, used to purchase things, while CP is used for crafting new cards. You can craft new cards in the "Deck Edit" or "Collection" options. CP is also automatically gained when you obtain your fifth or greater copy of a card. You start off with 3000 VP.


A pack from a set costs 300 VP. There are also clan-specific packs that cost 400 VP. Each box contains at least one VR, and each pack contains 7 cards. All cards have a chance of appearing with foil! After buying packs, an orange notification may appear, telling you that you received a fifth or more copy of a card, and it was automatically turned into CP.

Trial Decks

There is one Trial Deck per clan. All 8 of the original V TDs, plus one for the remaining clans each. Each TD costs 1000 VP.


Each Sleeve costs 500 VP, and contains all of the official V Sleeves, plus clan sleeves, character sleeves, etc.


Playmats are the two-player version, and are black with designs on them. Each playmat is 3000 VP. There are 9 playmats you can purchase from the start:

First Column Second Column Third Column
Flame Science Gear
Blossom Ice Ribbon
Electrical Dream EX

Shop Inventories

Here is a list of all of the shop-specific items:

(Note - Each shop caters to different teams! Card Capital has Q4/Miyaji stuff, Travelers has Fukuhara/AL4/and EX original character stuff, and Voyage has Magallanica, DP, Spikes, and Zoo stuff.)

Card Shop Clan Packs and Sleeves
Card Capital Royal PaladinOracle Think TankGold PaladinGenesis* • KageroNubatamaNarukamiNova Grappler
Travelers Angel FeatherShadow PaladinTachikaze+ • MurakumoLink JokerDark IrregularsPale MoonGear Chronicle
Voyage Dimension PoliceSpike BrothersGranblueBermuda TriangleAqua ForceMegacolonyGreat NatureNeo Nectar

* Oracle Queen, Himiko sleeves are purchased at Travelers

+ Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex sleeves are purchased at Card Capital


To get to the Options, press the + button from the Map screen, and select "Options". From here, you can:

  • Change the volume levels
    • BGM - Background Music
    • SE -Sound Effects
    • Voice - Voice Acting
  • Message Display Speed - Slow, Fast (Default), or All At Once
  • Auto-Text Display Speed - Slow, Normal (Default), or Fast
  • Skip Confirmations
  • Fighter Cut-Ins
  • Special Effects
  • Vibration
  • Play Confirmations
  • Difficulty - Normal (Default) or Easy
  • Allow your decklist and profile to be viewable to others (?)

Now that we've gone through all this info, let's continue on with the story!

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