Chapter 1: Manly Protector!

(Note - These Chapter names are just my own naming scheme!)

Once we have everything sorted out, Shin explains to us about buying card packs to further enhance our decks. We meet Emi Sendou, and soon after Kamui Katsuragi, who assumes you're trying to hit on Emi. Because kamui's so great and manly, he challenges you to a fight!!

Starting a Fight

Your starting vanguard is automatically placed onto the field. Then, to decide who goes first, you play Rock-Paper-Scissors. The white text means you go first, the black text means you go second.

You're allowed one mulligan. Select the cards you want to return with the A button, and then press the Y button to confirm the mulligan.

From here, it's pretty straight forward. Press the A button to select a card in your hand or to use abilities and assign Criticals and Power from triggers.

Be careful when you're in your ride phase! Pressing the A button will force ride that card if possible, without confirmation!

When pressing the A button on a rear-guard during your Main Phase, it gives you two options. The top option allows you to move that rear-guard up or down that column, while the second option allows you to use ACT abilities.

Pressing the ZR button allows you to change phases.

When guarding, pressing the Y button allows you to no guard.

Pressing the Y button any other time confirms a decision (such as confirming to use an ability, confirming a card that's being selected, etc).

After the fight, you get VP and a prize card should you win (promo of any clan I believe). Kamui realizes everything was a misunderstanding, and you two quickly become friends.

Chapter 2: A Hero Emerges!

You find Miwa at the park. I didn't really understand their conversation... Only thing really of note here is that Kamui and Miwa pretty much have the same deck at this point.

After the fight, Miwa reminds you of your first encounter with Kai (I'm assuming Miwa said he notices that Izuru still lacks skill too?), and says he'll see ya at the shop.

From here, your first free fights will appear. Kamui will be at the stadium, and Miwa at the park. Kamui will just thank you for the fight, while Miwa and Izuru talk about Q4, with izuru bringing up the idea of "Team Q5" (and apparently finding a 5-leaf clover?). Both will leave after their fights.

By now, you should have a few thousand VP or so. Feel free to buy some sleeves, packs, or even a mat! (Luckily NN only has one wave of support so I can get Sleeves and Mats without the need to save up for much...)

Chapter 3: The Strongest Rush!

(Note - The following chapters are gonna be super short since it's a small tourney.)

Finally back at Card Capital, you find Aichi, Kamui, and Kai are there already. Kamui and Aichi are glad to see you, while Kai just gives you the cold shoulder. Shin tells you there's a shop tournament coming up. Morikawa shows up as your first round opponent, declares himself the strongest in the shop, and challenges you to a cardfight.

True to his original and G series self, his deck has a lot of grade 3s. While he's the first opponent to actually use Imaginary Gifts, he plays horribly.

We also get our second EX Gift here!

Chapter 4: The Cruel Magus!

Round 2 has started, and we find out Misaki is our opponent! She's still annoyed at you, though. She's actually the first competent opponent too, which is nice. After the fight, she knows you mean well.

Chapter 5: The Blazing Overlord!

Our next opponent is none other than Kai. We're pumped to fight him again! Despite a "Final Turn!" spook from Kai, we actually manage to beat him! Unsurprisingly, the rest of the shop is, well, surprised that we won! We end up winning the shop tourney with this match! kai is proud that we've grown so quickly, and everyone recognizes us as a good fighter! We get recommended to join a team, to which Miwa suggests asking Souma if he wants to make a team. Apparently we hate Souma, but the thought of a team is a nice idea anyway.

Afterwards, Morikawa becomes available for a free fight.

Next time, we gotta make a team!

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