These past few weeks, I've slowly been trying to update pages and templates to make them more convenient. I have other stuff in mind, but was curious if anyone had any suggestions as well.

I was thinking of maybe adding in Navboxes under Sub-clan cards, like how the YGO wiki has navboxes for their archetype cards (example: Daigusto Emeral), or how the Fire Emblem wiki has it for weapons (example: Venin Bow) and characters (example: Rebecca). These naxboxes would be color coded for nation (black for multiple nations), would go under the cardtable on pages, and would include subclan/archetype members, and specific support cards (like Padmini for Ahsha). These would also be collapsed, as to not be too in the way when going into the comments.

Another thing I've started was more "informational" gradelists on specific pages. the Musketeer page, for example. It's totally not necessary, but I figured people could be interested in knowing what some cards are designed after, or what was used as inspiration.

Another thing that people may be interested in is having decklists on clan and subclan pages. However, these could be beginner-friendly decklists, to help introduce people into the game who may not know where to start (for clans with TDs, it could also be upgraded TD lists).

Something else I've discussed with Koutei was making a "List of Minor Characters" page, like the Typemoon wiki has (example: List of minor characters), cause there's a lot of mini pages like Team Battle Weeds that just "take up space" (it's not like space is a thing, but I don't think it needs its own page).

Lastly, I've been trying to clean up certain pages that we just don't need, or update them. This is evident in the Series page, where a lot of the pages there we just don't need. A lot of the subclan and archetype pages need to be updated too, with the gradelist table instead of just bullet point.

This stuff is gonna take a while to do, but in the meantime, I want people's opinions on these changes, or suggestions for other changes we could do.

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