So, I have Some weird feeling When cardfighting against one of my friend,

For unexplainable reason, everytime i face against him, no matter what build i use, 80% of my fight always get so unlucky and my friend usually get the card he needs the most and in the right time

Note: if you don't want to see my story, just jump to the question that i already mark with the next bold text..

1 Example is when I was using Kagero - Vague Build and My friend using Narukami - Descendant build, I lose 3 times against him, (I always going second in all this fight)

First fight was because I got gradelocked at grade 1..

The second fight was because I was forced to rode morteza (I hadn't complete my deck at that time) . and I didn't have any decent attacker,also my only 2 vague got damage checked, So i couldn't make a comeback...

The third fight was When i thought i lucky because i drive check Critical twice at my early game, resulting him in four damage, but Much to my surprise, He rode GBD and Used its second skill, and with LB, making GBD became 17K and 3 crit, and became 25K boosted by red river, I guard with 25K shield (My vanguard was 9k G2 and i was at 2 damage) and he Double crit me..

After all that fight, I decided to fought my Other friend that Borrowed my friend's descendant deck.. And I could defeat him pretty easily..

And I fought my friend again, this time using His bermuda - Pacifica deck, and Again, i had bad hand and my friend's hand was too awesome and you knew the results of that fight..

All of these are just few examples of my fights against him, all the bad luck just keeps coming everytime I facing him...

So I asked you a Question..

Do you Ever have the experience where Everytime you face "That person" (Can be your friend, your cousin, your rival on CFA, ETC) you often get unlucky and lose most of your match against That person?

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