"Make use of the Fifth Element...... Be reborn, Utopia!"

A cheap but strong Dark Irregulars deck which relies on building up soul to activate the skill of Master of Fifth Element to attack 6 times with 4 drive checks. Works best with protect II markers.



Grade 0

1x Vermillion Gatekeeper (Starter)

4x Dark Knight of Nightmareland (Crit)

4x Blitzritter (Crit)

1x Werluchs Gefreiter (Crit)

3x Hysteric Shirley (Draw)

Grade 1

4x Yellow Bolt

4x Appalling Thread (PG)

3x Alluring Succubus

2x Pathfinder of Wind

Grade 2

4x Emblem Master

4x Icicle Resistant

4x Variants Hard Leg

Grade 3

2x Master of Fifth Element (Protect)

4x Ghoulish Despoiler (Protect)

2x Variants Dragform (Protect)

1x Number of Terror (Protect)


The ideal ride-chain for quick soul-charging requires riding Yellow Bolt, Emblem Master, and Ghoulish Despoiler. Upon riding Emblem master, use his skill to place 3 Emblem Masters from deck to soul (5 soul) then using Yellow Bolt's skill to soul charge (7 soul). Upon riding Ghoulish Despoiler, soul charge then return Emblem Master from soul to hand (8 soul), then call the Emblem Master and place 3 Ghoulish Despoilers into the soul from deck (11 soul). When Ghoulish Despoiler attacks, his second skill can activate. Reride Ghoulish Despoiler for more gifts, soul, and another grade 2 or less unit from the soul (including triggers).

Use Variants Dragform to retrieve a specific card from the damage zone to help activate Variants Hard Leg's skill, or to add a misplaced Fifth Element or Number of Terror to hand. Intercept with Icicle Resistant to fill soul and benefit from shield bonus from Protect II markers. Use Alluring Succubus to search for Grade 3s from the top of the deck to, ideally, gain 2 extra cards to soul and an extra grade 3 to hand.

Pathfinder of Wind can be used for more soul, by sacrificing a trigger from a drive check.

Aim to get three 3-of-a-kinds in the soul for the turn riding Master of Fifth Element, to activate Variants Hard Leg's skill and require a minimum of three cards from hand to defend against most attacks. Power up Master of Fifth Element using the skill of at least one Icicle Resistant from the soul. Use on-attack skills of Number of Terror or Yellow Bolt to help if you are at 14 cards in soul upon attacking with Master of Fifth Element.

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