• Blaunarr

    For what we know Nova Grappler has Raizers, Beast Deities, Extreme Battlers, Death Armys And more. Let me tell you if there is a series that making your unti powerful by Resting itself and get power/critical/new abillity.

    Nova Grappler from the Nation Star Gate which is Cray Southern Pole, which means its cold. How about a Junk Robot Series? Focused on Resting Itself. These unit can mix with Raizers, Extreme Battlers and Beast Deities.

    One card maybe like this Name : Junker Army, Gaze Double Crit : 1 Grade : 3 Pow : 8000 Race : Junkroid Skill : [Auto][VG]GB4 & Rest This unit | Choose 4 of your units and it gets "[Cont]: This unit cannot be attacked" and "[Cont]:This unit gets 8000 Power for Each card in your Drop Zone"

    First : Why Dropzone? B…

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  • Blaunarr

    Magallanica 4th Clan

    October 6, 2019 by Blaunarr

    So Magallanica is a nation that it landmass is being an Archipelago. First i wan't to say that Clan in Magallanica is Aqua Force, Granblue, and Bermuda Triangle.

    Aqua Force - Underwater Navy (Underwater/Sea Surface) Granblue - Undead Pirates (Sea Surface) Bermuda Triangle - Mermaid Idol (Underwater)

    There is no clan live in the landmass, maybe bushi wan't to make another clan in the V Series. But i got some idea, how 'bout clan live in the landmass is Liquid Shifting Unit? So they can shift into any liquid and change back to its normal form?. Some of people say maybe its Frozen Warrior because its near Star Gate, other says its Sea Monster, Sea Monster i'll accept it but we are talking about Magallanica Land (If you gonna say there is dragon…

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