So Magallanica is a nation that it landmass is being an Archipelago. First i wan't to say that Clan in Magallanica is Aqua Force, Granblue, and Bermuda Triangle.

Aqua Force - Underwater Navy (Underwater/Sea Surface) Granblue - Undead Pirates (Sea Surface) Bermuda Triangle - Mermaid Idol (Underwater)

There is no clan live in the landmass, maybe bushi wan't to make another clan in the V Series. But i got some idea, how 'bout clan live in the landmass is Liquid Shifting Unit? So they can shift into any liquid and change back to its normal form?. Some of people say maybe its Frozen Warrior because its near Star Gate, other says its Sea Monster, Sea Monster i'll accept it but we are talking about Magallanica Land (If you gonna say there is dragon, Magallanica already have Maelstrom). Why did i think Liquid Shifting is more suitable for the Magallanica 4th clan? Because If some of the units is Water Shifting, they can't go to the ocean because its form will separate. Maybe some of you will say "Blood is a liquid, that is too Creepy", What about Granblue that have "Vampire" Race? They need blood don't they?. Okay i already explain this is the suitable clan. Now the Clan name. I have "Spritzen" In German it means Splash, This clan keyword will be "Absorb" the absorb abillity is active if there is 3 or more circle is affected by some player unit skills, maybe i can give it like this.

"Absorb-[Auto][VG] "GB1 & Discard 1 card from your hand."If your opponents has 2 or more Rear-Guards that its power under 5000, this unit gets"[Auto][VG] "GB2" If this unit is absorbing, retire this unit and put 3 card on top of your Deck to your hand"

Some of unit in this clan will not able to shift into humanoid, dragon, beast form. This clan playstyle is to weaken opponents unit while your unit is absorbing and adding card to your hand, some of the unit is able to put your card in hand into the deck. For simple it affecting circle, and controlling number of cards in player hand. Maybe i can give it like this

"[Auto][RG] : Absorb

[Auto][RG] "CB2&SB1" If you have 5 or less card in your hand, draw 3 cards from top of your deck and "SC1"

Because of this clan Playstyle, This clan is more effective to fight clan with Mass Superior Call abillity or Locking, Retiring, Binding abillity like Gold Paladin, Kagero and more. Well i already create 1 unit for this clan.

Name : Blood Shifter, Renma Crit : 1 Race : Liquid Shifter Grade : 3 Clan : Spritzen Power : 10000

Skill : [Auto][RG] Absorb [Act][RG] GB2 [1/Turn]If this unit is absorbing, this unit gets +2000 for each circle is affected and "[Auto][VG] CB2&SB1 | If you have 7 or more cards in your hand, put 2 cards from your hand into your deck" [Auto] GB1 | If this unit is placed on [RG], choose 2 your opponent [RG] circle and any unit is called to that circle or unit in that circle get -"restraint" until next of your opponents end turn"

That is my first unit on this clan. This clan playstyle not only affect opponents circle but your own rear guards. This clan is weak to unit that creating a mass power or standing unit like Dark Irregulars, Nova Grappler, Dimension Police, Aqua force and more.

Nova grappler has big advantage to force anyone using this clan to guard, because of nova grappler standing abillity and makes the power gets higher.

Aqua Force, aqua force playstyle is wave attack, For example if you have Tidal bore dragon on VG and Magnum Assault on RG, The battle already 3 with 3 or units (Note : Magnum Assault GB1 Must be boosted to stand itself.

Thats from me, Peace

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