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Avoid Acting Like These Users Blog 1 - CFDrewbert

Aight folks, if you're active on Discord you'll know what this is. Basically I have a list of wiki users that deserve to be roasted for one reason or another. Some are stupid, otheres are outright toxic. I'll be starting with myself today so I can avoid the "you can't call someone out on that because you're equally guilty boohoo pee pee poo poo" argument. And also because I definitely deserve it just as much as the next guy. Honestly, the idea for this series was originally meant to be an informative code of conduct of how to act on the wiki, based on not so pleasurable interactions I've seen or taken part in over my seven years on the wiki. But at this point I'm just gonna call it as I sees it; its a roast. If you are lucky enough …

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CFDrewbert CFDrewbert 27 July

Scharhrot V Deck

4 Schar, 4 Number or Terror, 2 Gille

4 Emblem, 4 Demonted, 3 Doppel

4 Bolt, 4 G3 Searcher, 4 Killertail

8 crit, 4 draw pg, 4 heal, 1 starter

You really want to hard abuse Number of Terror. Slap down stuff like Emblem and Killertail in backrow to soulshove and increase hand. Then regain field next turn using excess hand and Gille. I’ve seen arguments like “deck bad cause bad resource management” or “deck needs Doreen for 40k columns”. Eh. Maybe if this were a 3 attack force clan. But it’s first g3 turn feels on par with a Vanq turn but with more ways to regain hand. It’s not solved or meta by any means. Just like, actually watch footage or test yourself first cause it seems to work aight. Doppel is also nice for anti Altmile

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CFDrewbert CFDrewbert 4 July

Zenonzard Wiki User Friend Codes

So far all of my friends on Zenonzard are wiki users so I figured I'd make a blog for people to share their IDs.

Format is Wiki Name/In Game Name: Code

CFDrewbert/Antero: 615-350-135

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CFDrewbert CFDrewbert 14 June

CFZero is Objectively Bad

And Zenonzard is infinitely better.

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CFDrewbert CFDrewbert 10 April

Character Tier List

Uh oh, recent activity is slowing down again.  You know what that means... time for some more objectively correct opinions by me.  This time, characters!  If a character was left out, don't blame me.  I didn't actually make the list by hand this time. Note: the order within each tier holds no meaning.

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