I think we have enough card reveals with the Brave effect to come up with a first draft of the new Altmile deck when Transcension is released. Certainly, the lineup will change as other interesting cards get revealed but the core engine of the deck is there. I shall stick to ratio of 7G3-13G2-13G1 based on my playtesting with a handsize of 3 cards or less (just read my previous blog entry: Playing a Brave Hand Without Brave). The objective is to win the game in the 2-3rd round of striding. Given the ridiculous power that modern decks can dish out, we won't last long, especially with a small hand. This also means we need to do our damage early and fast, while keeping our hand to 3 cards or less.

G4 (8)

4x Aerial Altmile

2x Transcending Altmile

2x Saint Blow Dragon

Yes, there's no Gablade. We will be using Aerial Altmile as the first stride, which will give +3K to the front row but not the free G2 call. This will set us up for the 2nd turn of stride with Transcending Altmile and unflipping another Aerial Altmile for +6K to front row. The 2nd Transcending Altmile in the third stride will give +8K to front row. In all 2x Transcending Altmile also gives us 2x G2 calls, which is the same as unflipping 4x Aerial Altmile. The Saint Blow Dragon is there for our last bite at the cherry of finishing off the opponent.

If we want to involve 2x Transcending Altmile in our combo that means we need to allocate 2CB (over 2 turns) for superior calls. Assuming that Knight of Fragment will never hit, and Holy Knight Guardian left us high and dry, we have max 3CB left to pull off our RG combos and Altmile's on-stride skill. It's a recurring theme: beatdown the opponent to 4 damage by 1st stride then go bust for the win on the 2nd-3rd stride.

G3 (7)

4x Blue Sky Altmile

3x Knight of Light Order

Finally, a G3 that does something on RG acting as a mini Gablade with CB1, and it's a girl for the Altmile sausage fest. It's an easy choice over Orhan because you really only want to stride Altmile, and this deck was meant to be aggressive.

Even if you don't ride Altmile just continue to stride (although in some situation it is fine to stall at G2 for 1 turn) and continue the beatdown. Generally, do not wait for Altmile to show up.

G2 (13)

4x Knight of Fragment (The main counter charger)

4x Suleiman

3x Benizel

2x Knight of Twin Swords

Brave doesn't change the way Altmile combos work but Brave does make your RG hit harder. Suleiman is not just a better version of Twin Swords, as he can replace Brede and gives a power up for CB1 and discard a card (that helps to maintain a smaller handsize). Benizel plays an enhanced role because at CB1+SB1 we can get the combos rolling: Benizel calls Suleiman with Brave for 14K, and if Suleiman is boosted by a 7K G1 then it is 21K. After an unboosted Benizel hit for 11K, Suleiman can call an unboosted 11K Knight of Twin Swords, or a 13K Knight of Fragment. If situation is right, we can follow that up with another CB1 superior call when a boosted Knight of Twin Swords attacks.

Note that if we used any of the Transcending Altmiles to call Benizel and he calls Suleiman, Benizel is 22-24K unboosted (9K + 5K + 2K + 6K/8K).

Other G2 for consideration: 2x Blaster Blade Spirit to replace Knight of Twin Swords. It encourages your opponent to swing at Blaster Blade Spirit and not at our vanguard, with some retire utility to disrupt opponents play. Just keep in mind to manage our CB resource to pull off the combos that we want.

One way to work Blaster Blade Spirit into the combo: 1. Swing with RG (eg. Knight of Fragment unboosted - 11K) 2. Swing with Transcending Altmile, call Blaster Blade Spirit over rested RG (retire opponent RG) 3. Swing with Blaster Blade Spirit (minimum of 22K when boosted with a generic 7K G1, 10K+5K+7K) 4. Swing with other RG

G1 (13)

4x PGG (Hope Keeper.)

3x Sicilus

3x Pir

3x Selim

With Brave, Selim provides consistent 10K boost and acts as a backup attacker that can be called by Suleiman, Benizel or Knight of Twin Swords. As a matter of fact, I'm inclined to run 4x Selim and only 2x Pir, but will test this out when Transcension hits. Using Transcending Altmile to call Selim makes Selim a 15K booster with Brave, or a 21-23K unboosted backup attacker with Brave (7K + 3K + 5K + 6K/8K).

Generally, it's your personal preference of PGG based on your playstyle. I did my simulation and I believe that Hope Keeper has the potential to create a bigger impact with a Brave handsize and she's better for my way of playing.

If we are ever running 2x Pir and especially if we decide to stick with Holy Knight Guardian, theoretically speaking we may even consider swapping the Pirs for 2x Knight of Power Charge, as it creates space for us to put down an additional RG. Note though that Knight of Power Charge also consumes CB1 so resource management may get strained, and I doubt he will shrink our handsize consistently even if we run 4 copies because of this self-inflicted dependency on him to make Brave work.

Starting Vanguard

1x Stius

Stius will replace Milius because he doesn't eat a CB, and allows you to return a RG to hand after you played it to get the Brave effect. This means we can return a Benizel to hand, or if the new Brave PGG does get introduced, we can boost with the PGG for 1 turn for a more powerful boost, and then bounce it back to hand to guard.

Trigger Units

4x Heal

8x Crits (4x Belenus and 4x Generic Crit)

4x Stand (Encourage Angel)

For now, that will be the probable line up for my Brave Altmile deck before any fine tuning or the complete Transcension set reveal.

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