• FullmetalPaladin21

    Grade 0s 17:

    1 Shining Knight, Millius (best RP starter in Standard)

    4 Epona (critical)

    4 Llew (critical)

    2 Belenus (Sentinel Critical)

    2 Iseult/Belenus (depending on your locals' meta)

    4 Healing Pegasus (Heal)

    Grade 1s 10:

    4 Laurel Knight Sicilus

    4 Pluck Enchanter (4 is a lot, 3 is fine. I'm still looking through the list for non-Promos I could add)

    2 Knight of the Harp Tristan (replaceable with anything you want)

    Grade 2s 16:

    4 Absolute Blade Knight Livarot

    4 Blaster Blade

    3 Starlight Violinist

    2 Blaster Dark

    1 Hopesong Angel

    the last 2 G2s can be a combination of Suleiman, another Blaster Dark, Tion, Gordon, anything. I personally like to use 1 Gordon so that my BB columns can hit for 45k (better than Tion if you got 2 BBs) and a 1 of Suleiman

    Grade 3s …

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  • FullmetalPaladin21

    Okay, so this is a work in progress. In a nutshell, it's Altmile without committing to the Brave playstyle, kinda like pre Try3 Next days where we mainly focused on Transcending but with Twin Sword taking his place as our main finisher. Thus, we will be focusing a lot more on plussing cards like Damascus that can extend our plays. The deck is still untested as of now, but I think this is what I'm going to start with:

    Grade 3s 7:

    4 Deity Altmile

    2 Decree Altmile: 1 Pictus

    Grade 2s 12:

    4 Suleiman

    4 Albion

    3 Septgal 1 Knight of Cast

    Grade 1s 11:

    4 Damascus

    4 Lunarfang Felax

    2 Allen/Soniccgal/Sicilus

    1 Paccgal

    Grade 0s 20:

    3 Alectos

    1 Millius

    4 Amulet Pure Eagle

    4 Epona (V)

    4 Iseult (V)

    3 Elaine (V)

    1 Remedy Angel

    G Zone: 4 Twin Sword, 4 Luminous Hope, 2 Blazing …

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  • FullmetalPaladin21

    RIP Stan Lee

    November 12, 2018 by FullmetalPaladin21

    The title says it. He passed away today 12/11/18 at the age of 95. I feel so empty right now. A sad day for any comic book fan But it is what it is. Bless him, may his legacy keep on living forever.

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  • FullmetalPaladin21

    Heya all, been quite a while since I wrote a blog. Anw, straight to the point. First things first, just to get things out of the way, I am perfectly fine with the clan distribution, the reprints,  3 ZRs in one set or it having 100 cards only. What annoys me, or maybe what worries me rather, is that this is the final set for G, which quite honestly surprised me a lot, and also  pains me that Bushiroad is kinda like "okay just get on with G let it burn" because personally I really liked G and happened to enjoy the G series anime-wise and meta-wise much more than the original one, despite the flaws G has. Hearing Chrono's VA constantly saying "Series Climax" didn't help either :'< Now this being the last set of for G further worries me because…

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  • FullmetalPaladin21

    Heya back in Cyprus. So on the 17th of September 2017 we had the Greek Regional for Vanguard and after 3 years of trying and not even a month after becoming I senior, I finally went to a regional (I live in Cyprus, so while not far, it's not just a stroll to the city for me to go there). And I gotta say, the overall experience has reignited my passion about this damned amazing almost perfect (FIGHT ME) game. Overall results if you don't wanna read any further were 2nd for Vanguard and top 8 for Buddyfight if you are interested in that. For Vanguard I played the deck I main since G begun, that being Altmile Brave. For Buddyfight I played with an untested Evil Deity Dragon Deck (and my first opponent was the World Champ so that was a fun fir…

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