I scored first place (twice) in locals with this deck and I am having a lot of fun playing it. Although with set 13 coming, I wanna see what are some good ways to go about in changing this deck.

Grade 0:

1X ionela

4X draws

4X heals

4X stands (no poison juggler :(

4X crits.

Grade 1:

4X irina

4X ana

4X lydia

2X dragon

Grade 2:

4X marichika

4X dragon

3X lilian

Grade 3:

4X Rukie <Reverse>

4X eva

Well, I had ordered some rukies online (after painfully debating on weather or not I wanted to spend 50$ on a piece) and I was sad cuz they didn't come in time. However aside from taking 1x eva, 1x Rukie <R> and 4X stands... I don't know who to go about building this deck to face the titan of set 13 (CBD). Any improvements that I need to make to have even the slightest advantage that I can get (like changing my build to a 10-12 crit rush deck or focusing more on normal rukie's lb) against chaos breaker dragonn would be appreciated

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