Royal Paladin Deck:

This deck IS a "Money Deck," however it's a great way for new players to learn the game and try out many strategies. Over all, my focus was to teach the player the different types of cards and order of play (Ex: Call Young Pegasus Knight prior to Superior Riding Blaster Blade, as YPK will gain 3K per Card put into the Soul). This list includes WHAT I HOPE to have for my Final Version of the Deck on the Opposing Side (My MLB Build).
Grade 0:
Barcgal x1 (Set to change due to New Rules coming into play)

(MLB Build) Wingal Brave x1

Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine x4

(No Change in Build) Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine x4

Flogal x4 (Set to change due to New Rules coming into play)

(MLB Build) Silent Sage, Sharon x3

Future Knight, Llew x4 (Set to change due to New Rules coming into play)

(MLB Build and Replacement) Bringer of Good Luck, Epona x3

(MLB Build and Replacement) Alabaster Owl x3

Margal x4

(Count Change for MLB Build) Margal x3

Grade 1:
Little Sage, Marron x4

(No Change in Build) Little Sage, Marron x4

Pongal x2

(MLB Build)[1]Knight of Friendship, Kay x3

Young Pegasus Knight x3

(No Change in Build) Young Pegasus Knight x3

Flash Shield, Iseult x3

(No Change in Build) Flash Shield, Iseult x3

Miru Biru x2

(MLB Build) Sage of Guidance, Zenon x2

Wingal x2
Grade 2:
Knight of Determination, Lamorak x4

(MLB Build) Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere x2

Blaster Blade x4

(No Change in Build) Blaster Blade x4

Knight of Truth, Gordon x2

(MLB Build0 Blaster Dark x4 (Shadow Paladin)

Grade 3:
King of Knights, Alfred x2

(MLB Build Obviously) Majesty Lord Blaster x4

Soul Saver Dragon x2

(MLB Build and if Lucky Enough to get ahold of 1) Holy Disaster Dragon x2

White Dragon Knight, Pendragon x2

(No Change in Build) White Dragon Knight, Pendragon x2

Swordsman of the Twin Shine, Marhaus x1
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