As most people would know, but if we dont ill give a refresher; in the anime world in the early 2000s 3 anime series stood out amoung others by having the most amount of volumes of manga read and sold as well as viewer shipratings.

Those animes were bleach, Naruto, and one piece three legendary animes that shape alot of future ones we watch today, but ichigo has retired, and naruto has passed the baton to his son boruto.

While one piece is still going on i would like to see what you guys think could stand besides it as 1 of the top 3

now i have 3 rules for your nominations:

1. the anime/manga series you mention has to been created between 1995- to present ( i say this to exclude dragonball which will probably be the popular choice since it is a lengendary series in its own right)

2. the anime/manga series you mention has to be currently ongoing ( as this list is for replacement for the other 2 that finished its run)

3. you can choose up to 10 anime/manga series u want to nominate but you have to explain why you nominated atleast 2 of them

For my nominations i chose:

1. one piece: i still think it can keep its spot because that series broke a world record for the amount of volumes it sold, plus the way the creator set up the premise he can keep it going as long as he want it too since the goal of the series is reaching a destination and not what really happens much during the journey.

2. My Hero Academia: reminds me alot of naruto how they both want to chase their dreams to be recognized and respected by everyone

3. Black Clover: Asta the main character is special in that series becuase he isnt and becuase hes jus a commoner with no magic he can use anti magic to counter his opponents plus his goal of being the wizard king is the same as narutos goal of being the hokage

4. jojos bizarre adventure

5. Demon Slayer Kimetsu no yaiba : Nezuko is freaking adorable

6. Sword Art Online

7. (removed due to content)

8. D. Gray Man

9. Fire Force

10. A Certain Magical Index

i hope to see what you guys come up with 

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