Good day to all Cardfight Wikia members. It's Hikari 93 here, a new admin (though still in-training) of cardfight wikia.

I usually do some joke whenever I start a new blog, but since this is a fairly serious (I think so) blog, I thought I'd drop the jokes and informalities... Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Regarding to this thread, this blog is made so that the members of this wikia can give their ideas on how to improve the wiki. Of course, you may also complain anything that is inconveniencing you as well, and we the admin boards will try our best fixing it.

There are no limits to your suggestion! You can suggest about anything (as long as it is about this wikia), anytime, anywhere! From cardtable template, background design, the front page design, card pages to images, just say (type) it! Don't worry! You won't be banned for suggesting, unless you suggest that we should ban you, in which I think the admins wil gladly lay down their (our) hammer to honor your request. Just note that the usual commenting rule applies here as written in the main page.

Of course, we anticipated joke comments as well, or how this blog could derail into flame wars, but no worries, don't be afraid, and tell us what's on your mind. The next adminship could be yours! You're also a member of this community, and if your idea is legit, it could be realized! Now, let us make your dream suggestion come true! How would you feel if one day, your grandchildren come to this wiki and see a page inspired by you, and you can proudly say to them "Do you know? This page is made because of me!"

Without further ado... Let's comment! Let's suggest! Let's Vanguard!

Stand Up, Vanguard!

Seitokai Yakuindomo - Suggestion Box

Amakusa Shino thinks this should do it to attract attention.

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