Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
Hikari vs Sol Kage

As usual, I got trashed in this matchup.

Yahho, Hikari-sama here~~

I think the title says all.

Since Vanguard Zero is going to be released globally some one week later, I thought we need a page to keep up on each other friend codes, just like in other gacha blogs.

So here we are!

Just put your game user name, the version of the game you're playing (JP or global), then your friend code!

I'll then add it here. If I'm suddenly not around, I guess one of the admins can edit my blog for it, so don't worry!


  • Name:Hikihiki25
  • FC:344,556,344 (JP)
  • FC:666,667,666 (Global).

If you're going to organize a self-made tourney, you can use these friend codes to use the friend fight option for it. you don't need friend codes, just the room id, though you can invite friend to fight.

Credits to hellfireifrit for pointing this out. I keep forgetting about it.

P/s: I'll add my own code here after 9th.

Without further ado...

Stand Up!! (The) Vanguard!

Wiki name In Game Name Global FC JP FC
Arboros Renegade, Vere Vere - 598,926,875
HellfireIfrit IFRIT - 566,326,560
Huppappapa ふっぱー - 905,323,982
Infernity VS 久世緋流 - 681,027,552
TyrantRex PINGUINO!! 617,123,602 -
Mierbu Mierbu 617,122,947 -
Scrappy*1296 Vic1296 593,326,474 -
Kouteii Kouteii 145,725,350 -
Sol Kage Sol Kage 355,428,032 -
Otakon7 Otakon7 376,928,596 -
Slurpypoof Elias 701,929,979 -
CFDrewbert Drewbert 193,124,541 -
LostEnd LostEnd 444,226,096 -
Brandy263 Brandy263 927,325,413 -
ThatGuy032 Meap 222,921,621 -
Hikari 93 Hikari93 786,929,250 -
HoshiNeko Seita 804,322,117 -
ApocalypticFarce ApocalypticFarce 745,222,609 -
Nikon94 Phantom Nikoness 105,826,220 -
Writer7 Yamilord 926,321,065 -
Tonystar73 Tonystar73 804,329,943 -
C-Z CoZi 429,321,377 -
Xophix Xophix 740,225,310 -
Asphaltado2490 Monokuma 534,622,237 -
Xeamnz Captain Xeamnz 155,825,445 -