Update: 1 April 2020 (No, I don't do April Fool, sorry)

Download Link (EXE & APK & even the 001 Project File!):

MIrror Link (.exe installer only):


Update logs:

  1. Updated the UI during cardfight (It now looks more like EX's UI)
  2. Added VTD09 (Genesis)
  3. Added VTD10 (Gear Chronicle)
  4. Added VTD11 (Royal Paladin)
  5. Added VTD12 (Neo Nectar)
  6. Allowed AI deck for VTD08 (Bermuda), VTD09 (Genesis), VTD10 (Gear), VTD11 (Altmile), VTD12 (Ahsha) though it'd be using generic AI, so expect ZAKO level play
  7. Some other Bugfix
  8. More bugs

Extra logs:

  1. FPS drop is still heavy on this one.
  2. AI keeps getting worse. Partially due to me not playing VG IRL anymore.
  3. Haven't really changed much compared to the previous version.
  4. Is currently unemployed. Please help. 
  5. The installer is being detected as a Trojan by some antivirus. This is a false alarm, as far as I can confirm.
    • This is confirmed issue by the engine's developer, and the only way to work around this is to wait for them to fix it or to whitelist the installer itself.

Other things that I feel like typing here:

  1. Also, what's the stance of adding external links in this blog page (Is it not allowed/BAN) Example: Donation (Kofi/Patreon) link? Honestly need some income, especially with the current lockdown situation,
  2. Playtested the 3 TRY3 Trial Decks. It's not that VTD10 (Gear Chronicle) is too weak for a Trial Deck, it's just that VTD11 & VTD12's combo/plays/plusses got ramped up so much, it feels like it's two steps up from VTD09 (Genesis TD).
  3. Vanguard ZERO is fun. Really. It's a bit different, but's it's still fun. Waiting for Gold Paladin release(Except for the battery consumption and the occasional framerate spike). Currently using a Nova/Gold Rutile Deck. F2P user.
  4. すいちゃんは今日もかわいいです / Sui-chan is cute today, too.
  5. What should I add to the game? Should I change the orientation to portrait? Should I make a tutorial? Should I create a story-mode prologue? I really don't know what to do with this game anymore.
  6. Please, feel free to notify me of any bugs or even requests related to this game. If in any case, I were to not check this post, feel free to DM me on Twitter. I truly apologize for the inconvenience.
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