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    Continue to move. There is nothing here worth of your time. But I just never feel like leaving a cardfight hanging.


    CFA Xros Ch. 1

    “Hehehe… Shall we begin? The ritual to the endless darkness underneath the sea…”

    “Ha, come.” I taunted him.

    “The necromancer of the deep seas has touched the new power of the unknown. The life of the entire living being shall end before the eternally freezing prison emperor! Cross Ride! Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Яeverse"!”

    …Nice hat over there.

    Hades Steersman skill activates! Return to the rear-guard circle with the same column as my Vanguard!”

    This is….

    “Dead or alive, the flesh shall be put a good use for the necromancer! I activate Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Яeverse" Limit Break! By putting three …

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    Move along. Nothing to be seen here. This is just a mere (and lame) attempt of reviving a dead fic


    Cardfight!! Vanguard: Warrior's Resolve Ch. 15

    And thus, the day has come.

    Not even a single interest in me for this event, but then again…

    As usual, Yuki give us another rousing speech, the discussion about strategy begins, and disorder among us is still there (Mainly between juchen and writer).

    I don’t care if I win or lose. This faction is already losing the war….

    I don’t even have a single speck of hope to this disorganized team….

    …. …. Hold on a second, if I’m not wrong, ….

    I realized something that comes from the list of Яeverse units that I get before.

    Heh, even though I have no motivation for this war, maybe I can find them among those pira…

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    Time has passed from that night, and I decided to get along with Delta’s team for a while. But, I still troubled with …. Anytime I hold my deck, I feel doubt….

    “Your compatibility with has quite dropped.”

    Tch… Can’t deny it. Fine, sir. I’ll continue taking a break from using …

    One day, there is an announcement.

    “Long ago, there existed a whole fleet of ghost ships which travelled the seas. Those aboard were pirates, forgotten ghosts and many other horrific beings. They lived a life of freedom, plundering, stealing from others under the clan name of . However, their daily lives had to come to an end when the legendary armada, also called , stepped into the scenery in order to establish absolute order. With the thought of them being the only '…

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    CFV Warriors Resolve Ch. 9

    I looked at my deck. It’s… .  

    Dimensional Robo, Daimagnum!”

    Larva Beast, Zeal!”

    , huh? Which means their card is….

    “So… who go first?” I asked.

    "Go on. You can go first. I’ll destroy your monster no matter what are their tricks.”

    “You’ll regret it. Draw. I ride Eye of Destruction, Zeal. Larva Beast, Zeal skill activates! When Eye of Destruction, Zeal rides it, I can look at top seven of my deck to search. I add Devourer of Planets, Zeal into my hand. Eye of Destruction, Zeal skill activates! Since Larva beast, Zeal is in my soul, it gets [Power] +1000! Turn End.”

    Draw. I ride Dimensional Robo, Daitiger. Daimagnum moves to rear-guard. I call Dimensional Robo, Daitaiger. Boosted by Daimagnum, Dimensional Robo, Daitiger attacks your…

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    Welp, here’s next.

    The day after I get those information…. I decided to go training with my first clan, . However….

    Dragonic Overlord attacks your Vanguard!”

    “No guard. Damage check…. No trigger. I lost. Good game.”

    After that, I immediately leave the table.

    That’s another win… but why I keep struggling?

    I checked at my record of winning-losing using .

    This isn’t good…. The ratio is getting closer. But what should I do with it? I can’t see any improvement for my deck….

    I walked, with my vision fixed at my deck, ignoring surrounding while….

     “Whoa!” looks like I crashed with someone and my cards from my deck scattered.

    “Judge, what are you doing here?” The said person asked, and it’s… Mr Sol Kage, the vice principal.

    “Ah, nothing!” I replied. “Excuse…

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