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  • Jyuasnteisn

    Format Testing 3

    August 16, 2017 by Jyuasnteisn

    Playing here, because the actual page is locked to edits. Old ideas struck through instead of deleted to show thought process.


    • Tabs significantly shorten the scroll-length of the page, and overall give it a more compact feel.
    • Redundancy in header title and tab title is jarring, but nevertheless necessary for mobile formatting, which ignores the tabs and does not display tab titles. Also ensures that the sub-section will appear in the Table of Contents.
    • A notable issue that comes with the use of tabs is the unfortunate incompatibility with the ToC. Navigation fails if attempting to use the ToC to locate a header that is not the currently-displayed tab (by default, left-most).
    • Replaced titles within the tabs with simple text, keeping the t…
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  • Jyuasnteisn

    Seal Dragon Help

    May 8, 2017 by Jyuasnteisn

    I haven't really played this game since the beginning of the G-Era, but I'd always said that I'd return if Seal Dragons or Dungaree ever got more support. Granted, it was because I didn't think that would ever happen, but it did. I'm a man of my word.

    It's been a very long time, so I have no idea what's meta (though I believe I can safely assume that Seals are not) and how to build around that. Any comments/critiques would be appreciated.

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  • Jyuasnteisn

    {{Character |name = Misaki Tokura |kanji = 戸倉ミサキ |romaji = Tokura Misaki

    |image =

    Character: Tokura Misaki
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  • Jyuasnteisn

    Format Testing

    June 5, 2015 by Jyuasnteisn

    Just testing some things as a result of this. Unsure how it looks on mobile, though.

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  • Jyuasnteisn

    I'll be heading to the Philippines in about a week to visit my relatives. Just wanted to know if there was anyone (or anywhere) nearby that plays the game. I'll be there for a month, dividing my time between Zambales and Pangasinan.

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