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    I honestly feel like I should since everything felt rushed to me. What do you guys think?

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    Turn 9: Vanguard Training


    Satomi's P.O.V

    I'm now at Taiyou's house with Moriyama. He hasn't been visiting Card Capital so we got worried and decided to visit him but.....

    Hiroki: Big! His house is so big!

    Satomi: Y-Yeah...... I'm kinda nervous.

    Hiroki: Standing around here isn't gonna get us anywhere so let's just ring the bell!

    Satomi: W-Wai-

    He rang the doorbell.

    Taiyou: Coming!

    Taiyou opened the door.

    Taiyou: Hiroki-kun! Satomi-san! What are you two doing here?

    Hiroki: We came to visit you.

    He invited us in.

    Taiyou: Sorry for making you worry. You even brought me gifts. Thank you so much.

    Satomi: N-No, you are our teammate. It's natural for a teammate to worry about their teammate.

    Hiroki: Still, you have a nice place, Taiyou!

    Taiyou: Yeah. Than…

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    Dragfang, Luard

    Grade 3, Twin Drive!!, 11000

    [CONT] (VC) Ritual X: You may pay the cost of stride with "Counterblast 5 and Choose a total of two cards either from your drop zone or on circles other than (VC) and put them on the bottom of your deck. The cost is reduced by 1 Counterblast for each Grade 1 in your drop zone."

    [AUTO] (VC): When your G Unite Stride, *COST* [Counterblast 1 and retire one of your rear-guards or choose a card either from your hand or on circles other than (VC) and put them in the drop zone] Search your deck for up to two grade 1 or less cards, call them to (RC), shuffle your deck. If you called two units with the ritual ability, draw a card.

    Dragwings, Liafail

    Grade 2, Intercept, 9000, 5000 Shield

    [CONT] (Deck/Drop Zone)…

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    Golden Knight of Early Rush, Alexander

    [AUTO] (VC): When this unit attacks *COST* [Counterblast 1 and Choose a face down card from your G Zone with the same card name as this unit and turn it face up and choose two of your rear guards and put them on the bottom of your deck] Look at the top 7 cards of your deck, call up to two units from among them to (RC). For each unit with the Unite ability called with this effect, draw a card. If you draw, call a card from your hand to (RC) and Countercharge 1.

    [CONT] (VC) Generation Break 3 Unite: All of your rear guards with the Unite ability gets +3000 Power.

    Golden Dragon, Crowned Blade Dragon

    [AUTO] (VC) When this unit attacks, if you have a heart card with Gurguit in it's card name, *COST* [Counterbl…

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    Turn 8: Gears of Fate

    Taiyou's P.O.V

    Hiroki: Y-You won!

    Satomi: You're amazing, Taiyou! You even won against a pro team!

    Taiyou: T-Thank you.

    Kazuma: Tch. I lost. Hey, kid.

    Taiyou: Y-Yes...?!

    Kazuma: Don't act so tense. I want to ask you a question. Are going to join this year's Under 20?

    Taiyou: Um.... Yes! With Hiroki-kun and Satomi-san!

    Kazuma: Oh, is that so? You're really strong. I'll see you at the big stage. Let's go.

    Tokoha: W-Wait, Kazuma!

    Shion: I apologise for his scariness. Farewell.

    The Next Day....

    I entered Card Capital 2. I saw Hiroki-kun and Satomi-san. Should I tell them about the voice inside my head. I already told them about the "missing thing". I don't really want to burden then with anything else.....

    Hiroki: I think we should go …

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