Cardfight!! Vanguard G Rays

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July 1st: Missing Light

May 1st, 2018

Taiyou's P.O.V

Something is not right...... But...... I can't put my finger on it. It's like a part of me is missing. Something that I should be doing. Oh well. Whatever it is, it's probably not a big deal. I don't have any friends. I'm all alone.

After school.....

But this feeling..... I just can't help feeling somewhat left out.

Unknown: My Vanguard.

What was that voice just now?

Unknown: My Vanguard, go to the cardfight club of Miyaji Acadamy's middle school division.

The Cardfight Club of the middle school division?

Unknown: Yes, my Vanguard. We must make haste.

I don't know why but I did as the voice told me. I went to the middle school's cardfight club. What is this place? It's kind of miserable. Then, out of nowhere, it appeared. A light. It.... Flew to me. It didn't feel hostile or anything. Rather, it felt gentle, warm and familiar. I didn't know why but I held up my hand. It went inside my hand and the light disappeared but a stack of cards were left in my hand. What is this? Cardfight Vanguard.....?

Unknown: Oh! Are you here to join?!

Taiyou: Eh? Um.....

Unknown: Hi! My name is Satomi Sayako!

Taiyou: U-Um, I'm Taiyou Asukawa.

Satomi: Ah~ Thank God someone wants to join the club! It's not fair that our seniors from the highschool Division gets to have a lot of members.

Taiyou: N-No....! I'm not really here to join. I don't even know what the cardfight club does....

Satomi: Huh?! We play Cardfight Vanguard of course! You have a deck there don't you?

Taiyou: Well.... It sorta just appeared out of nowhere.....

Satomi: That makes no sense! Well, whatever. You're a beginner are you not? Let's have a teaching fight at Card Capital 2! Let's go!

Taiyou: W-Wai....!

She pulled me.


We are at a shop called Card Capital.

Shin: Welcome, Satomi-kun! And you're....

Taiyou: I-I'm Taiyou Asukawa......

Shin: Hmmm...... Oh! If I'm not mistaken you came here 3 years ago! Too bad that there was no one to teach you vanguard at the time. Have you been playing Vanguard since then?

Taiyou: N-No..... I..... Got rid of my deck.

Satomi: Is that so?! Well, he got a new deck. And I'm here to do a teaching fight with him. Let's go!

We're at a table. Why am I doing this? I decided to not play Vanguard after that day 3 years ago but maybe if I do this, I'll be able to regain what I was missing!

Satomi: First, take a Grade 0 card from your deck and put it face down on the middle circle as your first Vanguard. Be careful not to put any Grade 0s with icons on the top right. Those will be important later.

Taiyou: Alright. There.

Satomi: We'll be fighting without using skills this time. Too much information would hinder the progress of understanding the rules.

Satomi: Alright then.

Satomi: First, shuffle your deck and draw 5 cards from your deck. The goal is to have cards with Grade 1 - Grade 3 cards in your hand. If you're dissatisfied with your hand, put the cards you don't want back into your deck, shuffle it and redraw the same amount. Now, imagine it. Imagination will become your strength!

Taiyou: Imagine it?

Satomi: That's right! Without imagination, you won't have as much fun!

Taiyou: Really?

Satomi: Just do it. Trust me.

Taiyou: G-Got it.

Imagine it.

Taiyou: W-Where am I?

Satomi: Right now, we are on the Planet Cray but only as weak astral bodies. This means that we can't do anything but we've been granted by the Messiah two powers. The first power is call. With this power, we'll be able to summon units that live here to fight alongside us. The second is, Ride. With this power, we'll be able possess a unit and become a Vanguard. The meaning of Vanguard is "the one who leads". Now, we start the game. Normally we use Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who goes first but I'll be going first since it'll be easier to explain the rules that way.

Taiyou: Got it.

Verno: Alright, we start the game by turning over the cards on the table and saying "Stand Up, Vanguard". Ready?

Taiyou: Yeah.

Both: Stand Up, Vanguard!

Satomi: Ride! Goddess of Headwater, Nakisawame!

Taiyou: Ride! Knight of Early Dawn, Coel!

Satomi: Gold Paladin, huh? I'm using Genesis. Now then, there are several phases during a turn. The first is Stand Phase, where you stand all of your units that are at rest position. Then, the Draw Phase. You draw a card from your deck. You usually start the turn by saying Stand and Draw but since the Vanguard is already standing, I'll just draw. Now it's the Ride Phase. Right now, our Vanguard is Grade 0. Each turn during the ride phase, we'll be able to ride a unit by taking a card from our hand that's exactly a grade higher or the same grade as our Vanguard and place it on the Vanguard circle. Like this. Ride! Goddess of Transitory, Awaname! The card that was rode on now becomes part of the soul. Now, the main phase. Here's where you utilize call. Call! Detect Angel (front left RC)! You can only call cards that's the same grade or less than your Vanguard. Next is the Battle Phase. Here's where I attack!

Taiyou: E-Eh?!

Satomi: Is what I want to say but since I went first, I can't do that. Now it's the End Phase. Turn End. Your turn.

Satomi: 4 card(s) in hand. 0 damage. 1 card(s) in soul. Taiyou: 5 card(s) in hand. 0 damage. 0 card(s) in soul.

Taiyou: Since my Vanguard is already standing, I only draw. Ride! Knight of Insolation, Carinus! Call! Sunshine Knight, Jeffrey (Front left RC)!

Satomi: Since you move second, you can attack. To attack, you must choose a unit in the front row, rest it and declare your attack on another unit in the front row. The main goal is to attack the opponent's Vanguard to deal the damage.

Taiyou: Then, my Vanguard attacks your Vanguard!

7000 VS 7000

Satomi: Now I choose whether to guard or not. No guard. When the Vanguard attacks, they can perform a drive check. Turn over the top card of your deck.

Taiyou: Like this? Drive check.

Satomi: Oh you get a critical trigger!

Taiyou: Critical trigger?

Satomi: There are two types of units in the main deck. Normal unit and trigger units. Trigger units are indicated by the icons on the top right. When you get them in the drive check, you can get special effects based on the type. The one you got is a critical trigger.

Taiyou: Critical?

Satomi: That's right. Each unit has 1 critical and when their attack hits a Vanguard it will deal one damage but if a unit gets an extra critical, it will deal one extra damage. Let's say a unit has two criticals, that means it will deal two damage to your Vanguard. Each type of trigger will give a unit +5000 power. You can also distribute the effects of a trigger to different units. For example, you can give your Vanguard the critical effect and give a rear-guard the power effect.

Taiyou: Then, I give the Critical to Carinus and the power to Jeffrey.

Satomi: Cards in a drive check goes to the hand. Now, my Vanguard just received two damage. When a vanguard receives damage, you do a damage check. I reveal the top cards of my deck, like a drive check. Damage check, no trigger. Cards from damage checks then goes into the damage zone. Always do this before doing another damage check. Second check, no trigger. If a player gets 6 damage, then the player loses.

Taiyou: Got it. Jeffrey attacks your Vanguard!

12000 VS 7000

Satomi: Now here is where I guard. I choose a card with a shield value from hand and put it on the Guardian Circle. Regalia of Hypocenter, Kukurihime guards!

12000 VS 17000

Satomi: The shield value is located on the side of the card. When placed on the Guardian Circle, that unit becomes a Guardian and the shield value of that unit is then added to your Vanguard's power. Your rear guard's power is 12000. Kukurihime's shield is 10000. The shield value plus the Vanguard's power equals 17000. This means my Guard succeeded.

Taiyou: Turn End.

Satomi: 3 card(s) in hand. 2 damage. 1 card(s) in soul. Taiyou: 5 card(s) in hand. 0 damage. 1 card(s) in soul.

Satomi: At the end of the turn, trigger effect then wears off and your units' power and critical goes back to their original state. That's the basic flow of the game. Now, I ride! Goddess of Favourable Wind, Ninnil! I call Battle Maiden, Kotonoha! (Back left RC) RGs in the left and right column can switch their positions from front to back and vice versa. They can also switch positions with a unit in the same column. I switch Battle Maiden, Kotonoha and Detect Angel's position. Ninnil attacks your Vanguard!

Taiyou: No guard.

Satomi: Drive check, Draw trigger! Whenever you get a draw trigger in a drive or damage check, you get to draw one card. The drawn card must not be shown to the opponent since it's not part of the damage or drive check. I give the power to Kotonoha and draw one. Now you take 1 damage.

Taiyou: Damage check, no trigger.

Satomi: Grade 1s and Grade 0s have the ability to boost. The icon is indicated below their grade. By resting a unit behind another unit that's attacking, you'll be able to add the boosting unit's power to the attacking unit's power. If the unit boosting was somehow lost in the attacking process, the attacking unit loses the boosting unit's power. Detect boosts, Kotonoha attacks your Vanguard!

21000 VS 7000

Taiyou: No guard. Damage check.

Satomi: Heal trigger. With this trigger, you'll be able to heal one damage by putting a card from the damage zone into the drop zone but now you can't. You can only heal a damage by a trigger if you got more than or the same damage as your opponent. Right now, you only have one damage and I have two damage. The Heal trigger does not count as damage since it's now in the trigger zone. You'll still get the power boost.

Taiyou: T-Then, I give the power to Carinus.

Satomi: Turn End.

Satomi: 4 card(s) in hand. 2 damage. 2 card(s) in soul. Taiyou: 5 card(s) in hand. 2 damage. 1 card(s) in soul.

Taiyou: Stand and draw. Ride! Knight of Daylight, Kinarius! Then, I move Jeffrey to the back and I call Knight of Spring's Light, Perimore (Left front RC)! My Vanguard attacks!

9000 VS 9000

Satomi: I guard with Multitask Angel! Then, Kotonoha intercepts!

Taiyou: Intercept?

Satomi: Grade twos has the ability to intercept. If that unit is in the front row, I can move it to the Guardian Circle and it becomes a Guardian. Intercepting counts as moving and not placing.

9000 VS 19000

Taiyou: Drive check, no trigger. Jeffrey boosts, Perimore attacks your Vanguard!

16000 VS 9000

Satomi: Goddess of Sleep Sound,Tahro guards!

16000 VS 19000

Taiyou: Turn End.

Satomi: 2 card(s) in hand. 2 damage. 2 card(s) in soul. Taiyou: 5 card(s) in hand. 2 damage. 2 card(s) in soul.

Verno: Stand and Draw. Ride! Prime Beauty, Amaruda!

Prime Beauty, Amaruda......? It felt like I saw her before..... Then, an image of a blonde-haired woman flashed before me. Who was that?

Satomi: Call! Goddess of Favourable Wind, Ninnil (Right front RC)! Amaruda attacks your Vanguard!

11000 VS 9000

Taiyou: N-No guard.

Satomi: Twin Drive!! Grade 3 has the ability to perform drive checks two times. First check, no trigger. Second check, draw trigger! I draw one card, Power to Ninnil!

Taiyou: Damage check, no trigger.

Satomi: Detect boosts, Ninnil attacks your Vanguard!

2100 VS 9000

Taiyou: Player of the Holy Pipe, Gerrie guards and Dawning Knight, Gorboduc guards!

16000 VS 19000

Satomi: Turn End.

Satomi: 3 card(s) in hand. 2 damage. 3 card(s) in soul. Taiyou: 3 cards in hand(s). 3 damage. 2 card(s) in soul.

Taiyou: Stand and Draw.

This card.....

Taiyou: Ride! Golden Holy Sword, Gurguit!

Satomi: Since both our Vanguards are Grade 3s, you've unlocked a new power.

Taiyou: A new power?

Satomi: That's right. That power is called Stride Generation! To do it, you must release the Generation Zone by discarding cards from your hand with the sum of their grades being Grade 3 or greater. Then, you take a G Unit from your G Zone and put it on your Vanguard Circle! G Units represent our future possibilities. What we want to achieve, what we want to become.

My future possibilities.....

Taiyou: Alright. Generation Zone, release! Stride Generation! Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit!

Satomi: With grade 4s, you have triple drive. You can drive checks three times. Your previous Vanguard becomes the heart and your G Unit gains it's power and name. Heart cards and Soul are not the same thing.

Taiyou: So that means that I can't use the card directly under my G Unit to soulblast, right?

Satomi: Yeah! Wait, how did you kn-

Taiyou: Golden Holy Sword, Gurguit's Stride Skill!

Satomi: Eh?

Taiyou: Counterblast 1 and Soulblast 1! I look at the top 4 cards of my deck and call a card from among them to (RC)! Come! Knight of Daylight, Kinarius (Right Front RC)! Since I called a unit with the Unite ability, I look at the top card of my deck and call it to (RC) as rest. Flames of Victory! (Back right RC). Unite requirements achieved!

Then, I realized.

Taiyou: S-Sorry! I forgot that we're not supposed to use skills.....

Satomi: No no, It's okay. It's just that, are you really a beginner? The way you were playing just now, it felt like you had experience.

Taiyou: S-Sorry. I don't know what got to me.

Satomi: Well, it's fine. Alright, from now on we start using skills.

Taiyou: G-Got it. Kinarius's Generation Break 1. I discard a card from my hand. I look at the top 3 cards of my deck and call one. Knight of Insolation, Carinus! Unite! I rest Carinus and give Perimore +4000 Power! Then, I put Flame of Victory at the bottom of my deck. Countercharge 1 and draw one. Kinarius's Unite! It gets +4000 Power! Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit's skill! Counterblast 1, turn a face down Heavenly Law face up and discard a card from my hand. For each face up card with Gurguit in the card name in the G Zone, all of my units gets +2000 Power! Jeffrey boosts, Perimore attacks your Vanguard!

26000 VS 11000

Satomi: No guard. Damage check, no trigger.

Taiyou: Jeffrey's Unite! I move it to the soul and draw 1 card. Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit attacks your Vanguard! Unite! I look at the top 7 cards of my deck and superior call Knight of Spring's Sun, Conanus (back right RC)! Generation Break 1 Unite! Conanus gets +1000 Power for each of my units with the Unite ability. A total of +5000 Power!

28000 VS 11000

Satomi: Perfect Guard!

Taiyou: Perfect Guard?

Satomi: Perfect guards are units with the Sentinel ability. Sentinels are units with 0 shield value and you can only have up to 4 in a deck but they offer great defensive effects in return. For example with Perfect guards, when placed on GC, you can discard a card from your hand and completely stop an attack.

Taiyou: I see. Alright. Triple Drive! First check, no trigger. Second check. What trigger is this?

Satomi: Oh that's a stand trigger. You can stand a rear guard in rest position with it.

Taiyou: Then, Perimore stands! +5000 Power! Third check, critical trigger! Power to Perimore, critical to Kinarius! Perimore attacks your Vanguard!

22000 VS 11000

Satomi: No guard. Damage check, no trigger.

Taiyou: Kinarius!

29000 VS 11000

Satomi: Generation Zone, release! Come from the future to protect me! Generation Guard! Goddess of Seven Colours, Iris!

Taiyou: Generation Guard?

Satomi: It's another ability that you unlocked when both our Vanguards reach grade 3. By discarding a heal trigger, you can call a G Guardian from the G Zone to the GC. I activate Iris's skill! I put three cards in my drop zone to the soul and Iris gets +5000 Shield!

29000 VS 31000

Taiyou: Turn End.

Satomi: 1 card(s) in hand. 5 damage. 6 card(s) in soul. Taiyou: 5 card(s) in hand. 3 damage. 3 card(s) in soul.

Satomi: Then, my turn! Stand and Draw. Generation Zone, release! Stride Generation! Goddess of Investigation, Ishtar! Revelation!

Taiyou: Revelation?

Satomi: When placed on the specified circle I can look the top card of my deck and decide whether to put it back on top or into the soul. If I put in the soul, I have to rest a rear guard. I put it in the soul and rest Detect. Ninnil's skill! When another rear guard rests due to the Revelation ability, if I have a vanguard with the Revelation ability, counterblast 1 and I get to add the rested unit's power. I add Detect's 7000 Power to Ninnil. Prime Beauty, Amaruda's stride skill! Soulcharge 2. Since a card with the Revelation ability was put into the soul by the soulcharge, I draw a card and two of my units get +4000 Power! I choose Ninnil and Detect. I call Detect (right back RC). Revelation! To the soul. I rest my right-side Detect. My left-side Detect's skill! 1/Turn, when a rear guard rests due to Revelation, Detect gets +4000 Power. Ninnil's skill! Counterblast 1 and she gets Detect's 7000 power added to her. I call Ereshkigal (front right RC) Revelation! To the soul. I rest Ereshkigal. I activate Ninnil's skill and add Ereshkigal's 11000 Power to Ninnil.

Taiyou: Amazing! Ninnil is benefitting from the rear guards being rested but it kinda seems like a waste since you decreased the number of your attacks.

Satomi: Hee hee hee. You're about to see my Genesis deck's true worth! The soul's Gelgja's skill!

Taiyou: From the soul?!

Satomi: I put Gelgja on the bottom of my deck and stand my right-side Detect! +3000 Power! Then, Ereshkigal's Generation Break 1 activates! Soulblast 3 and I get to stand two of my units! I stand Ereshkigal and the left side Detect! Since Ereshkigal also stand due to this effect, I get to add the card at the bottom of my deck to my hand. Naturally, that means I add Gelgja to my hand. I call Gelgja! Revelation! Back to the top of my deck.

Amazing! All of her rear guards are standing!

Satomi: Amazing, right?! Then, here I come! Ninnil attacks your Vanguard!

53000 VS 11000

Taiyou: No guard. Damage check, no trigger.

Satomi: Ereshkigal attacks your Vanguard!

25000 VS 11000

Taiyou: No guard. Damage check, No trigger.

Satomi: Gelgja boosts, Ishtar attacks your Vanguard!

33000 VS 11000

Taiyou: Perfect Guard!

Alright, I endured all of her attacks!

Satomi: Don't think it's over yet! Triple Drive! First check, no trigger but when a grade 1 or greater card is revealed in a drive check, Ishtar's skill activates! Soulblast 3 and turn a face down card in the G Zone face up. I choose the same number of rear-guards as the number of face "Goddess of Investigation, Ishtar" in the G Zone and they get +3000 Power! I choose Ninnil and she gets +3000 Power! If the unit revealed in the drive check has the Revelation ability, I can stand the chosen rear-guard! I stand Ninnil!

Taiyou: What?!

Satomi: Second check, no trigger but the same skill activates again! I chose Ereshkigal and the right-side Detect, they each get +3000 Power and Stands! The Drop Zone's Goddess of Sound Sleep, Tahro's skill! I put her on the bottom of my deck and stand the left-side Detect!

All of her rear-guards are standing again but I'll do my best till the end!

Satomi: Third check, critical trigger! Power to Ereshkigal, critical to Ninnil! Ninnil attacks your Vanguard!

56000 VS 11000

Taiyou: Generation Guard! Golden beast, Sleimy Flare! I put Conanus at the bottom of my deck. I look at the top 5 cards of my deck and superior call Knight of Sunny Day, Salonius and Scarface Lion to the GC! Perimore and Kinarius intercepts! Golden Holy Sword, Gurguit's Unite! Carinus intercepts! Then, Jeffrey guards!

56000 VS 61000

Satomi: Ereshkigal attacks your Vanguard!

36000 VS 11000

I can't guard it...!

Taiyou: N-No guard. Damage check, no trigger.

Satomi: Alright! I win!

Shin: Satomi, you don't hold back even against a beginner, do you?

Satomi: Hee hee, sorry, Asukawa-kun.

Taiyou: I-It's..... Okay.....

Satomi: Taiyou-kun?!

I don't know what happened but those are the very last words I heard.

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