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Hello everyonebody! (dunno how I typed that)

Well, my job contract is over (subtle way of saying, lost mah job lol) and now I probably have a few months time before I find another, which is a chance to try and make a CFV simulator (which I wanted to do a for a long time, but didn't have much free time), given that CFO was sadly cancelled.

It would work similar to my Buddyfight sim (I will be pulling card info from the wikia itself, like demonstrated here) but the idea here is to have you guys, the fans, dictate how it will look in the end.

I would need people with a sense of design to help me with the looks and functionality and overall people who have ideas to make this enjoyable. AI and automatic effects will have to wait tho.

Current design:


So, before and if I start, is there anyone interested in this little project of mine?

Current State

  • At the moment, only the deck builder works
  • next up for development is the test mode (pretty much the same thing CFA uses), used mostly for testing deck consistency
  • keep these things in mind:
  1. The card database updates once a day at 17:00 (+1 UTC)
  2. Any misplaced cards (aka, not treated as a certain type of card) are due to the cards on the wikia not being properly edited.
    1. This means when the sim tells you you cannot add a card due to some limit
  3. If a card is not fixed but the wikia is, look at #1

Due to me having limited free time due to my job, the next update will be during the Christmas/New Year time (provided I get free time) which will include the "test deck" option. Actual gameplay is expected around spring 2018 (aka, Easter holidays)

Eh... well, it's gonna take a while


Main site (work in progress)

Old Samples

Features to be implemented

  • Chat
  • Replay
  • Tournament mode
  • Adventure mode (collecting points and buying boosters)
  • Sleeve gallery
  • Mat gallery
  • Drag and drop, Key shortcuts
  • Semi-automated game mechanics (Random bind, power-ups, retire...)
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